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Missing Something?

Did you know you can get the Pasadena Journal weekly print publication for more news and information?


Black News and News Makers in History

7/24/1807 Ira Frederick Aldridge, internationally known Shakespearean actor & only African American with bronze plaque at Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratfrod-on-Avon, born.

7/25/1777:  First Black Baptist Church in America organized by eight slaves at Silver Bluff, SC.

7/25/1992: General Colin Powell, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, dedicated Buffalo Soldiers Monument at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

7/26/1926:  Carter G. Woodson, historian & author, awarded Spingarn Medal for "ten years devoted service in collecting & publishing records of the Negro in America."

7/27/1880:  A. P. Abourne, inventor, awarded patent for process to refine coconut oil.

7/28/1868:  Fourteenth Amendment, making "all persons born in U.S...excluding Indians not taxed..." citizens to be given "full & equal benefit of all laws", passed.

7/30/1877:  Town of Nicodemus (western Kansas), first of hundreds of all-black or mostly black towns in the West, was established by African American settlers from Kentucky.

7/29/1885:  First National Convention of Black Women held in Boston.

7/29/1909:  Chester Himes, crime novelist, born.

7/29/2002:  Bernard A. Harris, Jr., physician, becomes an astronaut.

7/30/1970:  Louis Lomax, journalist, author & first African American television journalist, dies.