P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter - March

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - Chelsea J, Pretty Pioneer, on marching into your destinySalutations readers, I'm Chelsea J and welcome to the MARCH issue of the Pretty Pioneer Newsletter!!!

March Topic: Proceed 2 BLOOM.

Spring is in the Air! March has arrived, and pardon the pun, but it is time to March into your Destiny! We need to stop playing practice, and do the performance of our lives! You are the best at being you, so by knowing your role in life, play the part like nobody's business. You must decide within yourself to put your past behind you, learn from it, and Proceed 2 BLOOM!

Now, everyday may not be sunshine on this Journey to live out our Dreams. However, Faith is stronger than Fake. We can't let other people's insecure drama keep us from moving forward. Remember not to get entangled with weedy people in your life who try and choke the drive out of you. For example, a rose bush has many different little roses growing on a vine, and they only bloom depending on the weather conditions.

Some roses need full sun, while others prefer the shade. Sometimes people are so afraid of change, they never try anything new so they never realize how much they can bloom.

Saturate yourself with God's word everyday, and continue to surround yourself with people who love you and want to see you be successful. Take note that blooming is a process, and everything that has been marinated is always so much more satisfying!

JAM of the Month: SURVIVOR by Destiny's Child

This song by one of the most successful and influential singing groups of the 90's, Destiny's Child, is a Go-Getters Anthem about rising above the negativity and being a conqueror!

By building Confidence in others, you build Confidence in yourself.

[Twitter: @chelseachelle; FB: Like the "Chelsea J" Page; Tumblr: www.prettypioneer4life.tumblr.com.]


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Black News and News Makers in History

7/17/1942: Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.), prize fighter, born.

7/17/1944: Diahann Carroll, singer, film, stage & television actress & advocate against breast cancer, born.

7/18/1863: Sgt. William H. Carney, wins Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery, becoming first Black soldier to receive award.

7/18/1899: Leonard C. Bailey, inventor, awarded patent for folding bed.

7/19/1925: Josephine Baker, singer, entertainer & activist, makes Paris debut.

7/19/1941: President F.D. Roosevelt established Fair Employment Practices Committee to monitor discrimination in defense industries.

7/20/1950: Black troops, 24th Infantry Regiment, win first U.S. victory in Korea.

7/21/1896: National Federation of Afro-American Women & the Colored Women's League merge, creating National Association of Colored Woman.

7/22/1939: Jane Matilda Bolin, attorney, first African American woman appointed New York City judge of court of domestic relations.

7/23/1962: Jackie Robinson, baseball great, inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.

7/23/1984: Vanessa Williams, first African American to win Miss America title, relinquishes crown. Allowed to keep crown, scholarship money & is officially recognized by organization as Miss America 1984 with first runner-up recognized as Miss America 1984b. Went on to fulfill passion in music, stage, film & television.