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May 9th is Mother’s Day: Honor Her

Black news from Pasadena -  Mother's Day thoughts and mother's poemEvery year America will honor mothers on Mother's Day. However, mothers work for their children all year round. The least we can do is honor her on her day. And many will have their hands out for something from their mothers because that is what they do. This year, don't be the spoiled, dependent, so and so that people think you are. Instead, choose to do something for your mother. Don't let her do for you, especially on that day. My mother is gone but she is so much a part of who I am that I choose to honor her memory by doing something for her everyday. I choose to make her proud of me in all that I do.

On that subject I offer you my last year's column. I remember the poems that my mother taught me, so for this year I have written a poem for other mother's I know. My Mother used to tease us and say things like she knew how Black folks were. She would say, "I know them because I grew up in a house full of them, I went to school with them, and to church with them." So she fully understood them. There is no experience like that of being raised Black in America. That is why I cringe when I see how Latino's are being treated in Arizona. That is why I cringe as ask why there is a conflict between Blacks and Browns across the Southwest, whether they are in prison, or seeking public office. I cringe because I think that sometimes Latinos and, to some extent white women, wait on Blacks to take the pain of the dogs and water hoses to get the doors of equality open and then they step in and want to deny Blacks a fair share in the workplace. But we know that through it all, we will survive with God on our side.

The little poem below is what I wrote for the 2010 Women of Achievement Awardees. Here, I share it with you as a lighter moment for Mother's Day.  Enjoy, and have a Happy Mother's Day!


Somewhere someone planted the seeds of self hate, but they made a mistake of leaving a mirror lying around.

We look in and see beauty in a living rainbow of colors variations on the color of chocolate, Black, caramel, brown, honey, gold, beige and red boned burgundy.

We see broad noses full lips, beautiful hips, strong hair, in beautiful combinations with beauty to spare.

They told us it was hard being Black, but they left the Bible laying around and we learned to read only to discover, trouble don't last always, we have a friend in Jesus and the sun comes up when the morning comes.

We learned that God Is Love and he loves me, we know we are to blessed to be stressed, and we confess that we have had our fun if we don't get well no more.

We learned that we've got the POWER if we just be Patient, Obedient, gain Wisdom, exercise Endurance, and be Resistant to bad choices.

We learned songs that said I shall not be moved, We shall overcome, we learned to dress for success, not for arrest, we learned that to be successful we don't have to give our Black Back, we can keep Aretha, Nat, Sarah, Andre Crouch, JamesCleveland, the Clark sisters, Dinah, Oprah, Michelle, and we suffered years, not months, and gave birth to a child named Barack. So, as Jewel Diamond Taylor says, "we ain't giving our Black back."

We can keep Malcolm, Martin, Thurgood, and Marcus. They helped us get over. We don't have to give up mac and cheese, just cut back. We don't have to give up, sweet potato pie, just cut back, but we don't have to cut back or give our Black back.

We learned to yield not to temptation but even though David was King. He couldn't resist the beauty of that brown skin gal, Bathsheba. We say, "Shame on you King David, but we understand."

There is a lesson in there somewhere that says David didn't pray those times because we all know lots of prayer, lots of power, little prayer, little power.

We learned that temptation comes, but that for such a time as this we can't let down our guard. We learned that prayer works when married to faith and work. Prayer works because we are the children of the King.

We know that prayer works because it gave us the things we love: Justice, Equality and Freedom.

Somewhere I heard that being Black was a full time job. The pay may be low, the health benefits could be better, the hours are long, and the bosses can be mean.

Sometimes you have to work it alone, and sometimes you wish you could work alone. Sometimes it feels like it is a pity party, but sometimes it is a love fest, but after all is said and done, I LOVE MY JOB!


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