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sportsOops! What is a Zone defense? That is what the Zen Master and his thousand man staff are trying to find out. Things had been going along swimmingly for the Lakers. The Phoenix Suns had been trying hard, but they had lost the first two games. The Lakers and their fans began hoping for a sweep. The Triangle Offense was working like a dream, and there were visions of championship rings in the air. Lakers land was a happy place to be.

Then, without any warning, Alvin Gentry started to rain on our parade. Please let me see if I can put this into a mathematical equation:

The Triangle Offense (hypotenuse c = sum of the square root of the squares of the other two sides) + ( The Zone Defense) = Defeat. To put this into perspective, the Zone Defense was around before man invented fire.

However, when Gentry sprang it on the Lakers, they behaved as if they had never seen it before. Confusion reigned, and the coaches began some Google searches. On Tuesday night, we will find out if they learned enough to obtain a victory.

I yield to no one in my admiration of President Obama. He accepted an impossible job, and he has done it so well that he has exceeded my dreams and aspirations. However, I do wish that he would stick to running the government, and to not try to become a sports personality. He has more personal and professional enemies than FDR did, and they have immediate access to the Media. I think that it is inappropriate for him to disclose sports selections, and to encourage an athlete to leave one team and join another.

When he does these things, I think that he runs the risk of diminishing the prestige of his office. To my way of thinking, he will cause needless controversy that can make it more difficult for him to accomplish what he was elected to do. I think that he should continue to invite championship athletes and teams to the White House. I think that he should continue to play basketball. I just don't that it is a good thing for him, or the country, if we have to hear about it all the time. His opponents want to keep him mired in controversy, so that they can trivialize him and his programs. I don't want him to be afraid of them, but I also don't him to make it easier for them to attack him.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing the rumors that Phil Jackson would return to Chicago next season to coach the Bulls. I was also told that LeBron James will be a member of that team. It could make sense for both of them. With James, the Bulls would become an immediate championship contender.

If Jackson does go there, he would have a team that has the best young personnel in the league. In addition, James is easier to get along with than Bryant. Although he did flame out in the Playoffs, he seems to be a pleasant person, and one who is respectful of his coaches. Jackson is now working for the three Buss's and Bryant. Although the pay is good, it has to be an unnecessarily frustrating. He apparently is not interested in getting married, and the Owner's daughter is behaving like Sadie Hawkins. She is constantly making statements about their relationship, and also commenting about what he may do professionally.

This leads to questions from reporters, and these seem to make him uncomfortable. There have also been rumors that Jackson will be forced to take a hefty pay cut from his $12,000,000.00 annual salary. Even if they are true, it was disrespectful to him that information was made public. That is not the way that anyone, especially an egomaniacal Zen Master likes to be treated.

At this point, it does appear that the NBA's dream will come true, and the Lakers will play Celtics for the NBA Championship. The television ratings will go right through the roof. Even if the Series lasts only four games, it will take about a minimum of three weeks to get it done. Boston is such a scary team, and they seem to be invincible, but that is why they play the games.

I am not sure what Venus Williams had in mind with her tennis costume. It seemed a bit much to me, but what do I know?

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