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“Spiritual Stimulus Package”

Pastor Byron Smith

Pastor Byron Smith
It's amazing to see how so many things around us change, but yet so many things remain the same. As we look at society and government grapple with trying to jump start our anemic economic system that has given catastrophe a new meaning and a name to those who have fallen victims to this economic short fall in America that has left many short of jobs, limited or no affordable housing, and an anemic budget to run our public school systems. This short fall has left many people across America and in the city of Pasadena searching for direction, life, stability, and hope in what many would call a hopeless situation. The gap between the Powers at the helm and the marginalized is continuing to grow in opposite directions at record pace only to leave behind a huge gap of what I believe would be a gap that will cut down the opportunities for dialogue which would bring understanding, healing and empowerment for everyone.

Nevertheless, many are watching carefully with great anticipation and a keen eye at leaders and institutions who they feel should be able to as a beacon of light and hope in these difficult times to help build the right "spiritual stimulus package" to give inspiration back into the heart's of God's people.

There is no doubt as we look around and see murders with and against our young people, the high drop out rate in the schools, divorce rate climbing higher, a lack of respect among our young people with each other and their parents, lack of funding in our community to fight off special interest groups from misleading our youth, and the disconnect between the community and the city, there's no doubt that we need a booster shot in our spiritual department to encourage our community.

It shouldn't matter if you come from the Baptist, Methodist, C.O.G.I.C, Pentecostal, non-denominational, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, or Buddhist, tradition. We all must stand up and fight the good fight of faith against racism, sexism, injustice, this include special interest groups, and poverty in our communities.

The call is for the Churches, Mosques, Temples, and Synagogues to engage in interfaith dialogue and fellowship to bring about change in the city of Pasadena to feed the hungry, pray for the sick, help the widows, lead the lest and left out, comfort those who are in need of comfort, and empower the powerless . This means preachers must be willing to move beyond the pulpit and the walls of the church.

The Brahman, must be willing to lead outside the Temple, the Priest must be willing take the Priesthood in the mist of trouble spots to engage in prayer for the lest and left out and ministers must be willing to love with the love of God in their heart, to visit the sick, stop by the schools and encourage our children, visit our prisons, and empower the oppressed and marginalized with jobs. This type of "Spiritual Stimulus Package would transform any city. This type of package would inspire the hardest hearts to love, and the meanness minds to mingle with others, encourage the fearful to trust and relax in knowing that God is ultimately in control.

The question I must ask you is, "Are you willing to be apart of the great Spiritual Stimulus Package that can transform our city?" "Are you willing to be apart of this much need Spiritual Stimulus Package for our community?" If you heart is saying yes, then this means you are willing to help jump start this movement right now. All it would take is a little of your "Time, Talent, and Treasure" to be a blessing to your neighbor. It should not matter if your neighbor is Black, White, Asian,Latino, rich or poor. Help bring a positive change in the city of Pasadena by helping to erase the division lines of racism, sexism, socialism, and denominationalism so that there will no longer be a Jericho road in Pasadena that divides us, but a Damascus road that transforms us.

[Rev. Byron L. Smith Sr., Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 135 Gloritea St.. Pasadena Ca. 91103 626-791-0710]


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