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John Randolph Rogers

John Randolph Rogers
Tiger showed up and won his first match on Wednesday. Why was I worried? The bad news is that he did not win on Thursday. However, the good news is that his surgically repaired knee held up during the entire match. Despite what Tiger might expect of himself, most athletes do not win after an eight month layoff. Golf fans were happy. They saw the future and they liked what they saw.

There is a popular notion in the football community that kickers are not good athletes. Someone forgot to tell that to USC kicker David Buehler. You may remember he was the one who kicked the balls out of the end zone at the start of many USC games. This gave the Trojans a tremendous advantage, since the opposing teams had to start their offenses at the 20 yard line. It also gave the Trojan defensive team the benefit of not having to race down the entire field on each kickoff. It also reduced their injuries on the defensive teams. Plus, it eliminated the possibilities of the opposing teams running back kickoffs for touchdowns.

Buehler went back to Indianapolis to work out at the NFL Combine. He astonished officials and athletes alike when he did 25 repetitions of 225 pounds of weights. Since I would not be able to do even a single repetition, the thought of him doing so many hurts my tooth.

Is there anything in the world that is more distasteful than watching Charles Barkley trying to learn to play golf? Will someone please tell basketball and football players, active or retired, that no one wants to hear them talk about their golf game or watch them play. Whoever is responsible for getting this on television should be deported. This is a form of torture that should be banned. Will someone please hit me in the head with an axe?

Cal, Stanford and Oregon State, three of the weaker teams in the Pac-10 Basketball Conference, hired new coaches before this season. They have all improved dramatically this season, and this may bring about some changes at USC. Tim Floyd would be well advised to do well in the tournament.

When Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig began his search for players who were using steroids and other banned substances, most fans believed that Barry Bonds might be the only guilty party. As time has passed, we have learned that more than 100 players were also guilty of this kind of indiscretion. That being the case, would it not make sense for President Obama to stop the prosecution of all baseball players. The results of their crimes was that they could surpass some of baseball's oldest and most respected statistics. That would be unfortunate, but the majority of the fans don't care anything about them anyway.

Since they now have a testing program, athletes can no longer use banned substances. So now that the problem has been solved, does it make sense to put athletes who had been mostly law-abiding citizens into prison? What they did, in my opinion, was much less of a crime than the video taping of his opponents by New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. The NFL Commissioner got all of the videotapes and any other evidence that might be incriminating and destroyed them before they could be subpoenaed by Congress.

Don Fehr, the head of the Baseball Players Association, held onto the laboratory report of the players who had tested positive for steroids and HGH. Congress found out that he had those reports and subpoenaed them. After that, he could have gone to prison if he had destroyed them. How about the government dropping the charges, if the Players agreed to do some community service? Our jails are already so overcrowded that they are going to start to release prisoners before they serve their complete sentences. Belichick was not sent to prison, even though he might have been cheating other teams for as long as five years. His cheating possibly changed the outcome of several Super Bowls. The records that the Patriots established during that time have not been expunged.

The Lakers Lamar Odom had a few good games, but he has gone back into hibernation. He is what he is and the fans need to accept that. The Lakers are the ones who need to understand, that his 10 year pattern of inconsistent performance is not going to change. They should find a way to trade him to the Clippers. He should be right at home there, since no one would really care what he did.

A belated tip of the hat to Garret Anderson. He had 15 outstanding years with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He had a great career here and has never been a classy person and athlete. He has signed a one-year contract with the Atlanta Braves. Good luck Garrett!

Two NFL Players, Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith, are still missing in the waters off Florida's Gulf Coast. Their cap fishing boat was found with one survivor. They were on a 50 mile fishing trip. The weather was bad, and their boat capsized. The prognosis for their survival is not good. Our best wishes to them and their families.

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