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Reader Disagrees with July 8, 2010 Editorial

I agonized as to whether I should give a response to your latest article "What Happens when a Church Dream is Deferred". After thinking about it, reading the article at least four times, and even praying about it, I thought I should release some of my thoughts in a civil and Christian way.

For the record, I have read other articles down through the years in which you used your newspaper as a bully pulpit of sorts to attack people needlessly. Frankly, that is a very cowardly and unchristian thing to do! If Ray Charles was still alive, even he could see that you're attacking the pastor of your church, which you and your wife have done several times now.

Whatever happened to Jesus words "if you have ought against your brother, go to him and tell him his fault, and if he hears you, you have won your brother?" (paraphrased) In fact that passage in Matthew 5:23-24 even says "before you make an offering, go and be reconciled with your brother first!"

Have you gone to the pastor and requested a meeting with him? Have you in private told him of your grievances against him? If not, then why not? Why take the cowardly way out and attack a man that you don't even know in a public forum? Again, that is not being Christ - like at all, and believe me when I tell you that many people have and are observing what you are doing and they don't like it, especially the members of First A.M.E. of Pasadena.

In the previous attacks against your pastor, you complained because he doesn't live in the same community as the church where he pastors. So what! He has the right to live anywhere he desires just as you have the right to live wherever you like. Then you complained that the church bought him a new house (from monies that was given for that express purposed by a deceased member), then you complained that the pastor haven't asked you and your wife to do anything in the church, etc.

I think that you need to go and talk to the pastor to air out all of your issues with him and stop writing and telling everybody your church business! If my memory serves me well, you did the exact same thing to the former PUSD Superintendent, Dr. Percy Clark, until he finally left town. He was a good man without a doubt and made many commendable changes in that school district.

I must ask you who made you the community bull dog? Why must things go your way? I will pray for you that the Lord will cause you to see the error of your ways and repent of them. Many of us use to have great respect for you and what you stand for, but now we are troubled by your immature tactics and have lost that respect. If you have problems with the pastor of First A.M.E. church, then go talk to him and if that is too much for you to handle, then you need to do what you've done on several previous occasions: go to another church!

Mrs. Betty Simpson
Monrovia, CA


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