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Shirley Sherrod Civil Rights Champion

Black news - Shirley Sherrod and civil rightsCharles Sherrod was a founder of a student Civil Rights organization called the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee. Sherrod preceded Stokley Carmichael as a leader of the student Non-violent Coordinating committee (SNCC) . Reverend Sherrod married another Civil Rights activist named Shirley.

After years of work in the Civil Rights movement alongside her husband, specializing in working with rural farmers, Shirley Sherrod ended up as a Director of the United States Department of Agriculture. On Monday July, 19, 2010 she ended up being charged with being a racist on the issue of discriminating against a white farmer. On that day she was called from a meeting and placed on administrative leave and told to get into her car and come to the office. After two more calls she was told to pull her car over to the side of the road and text message her resignation into the office. She complied. After a firestorm of publicity, the truth was divulged and she was apologized to and offered a new job. As of this writing she had not accepted or rejected the offer.

After Ms. Sherrod was fired and an investigation was done it was proven that Andrew Breitbart the reporter that presented Sgt. Crowley and Henry Louis Gates, and a false story that ended the career of an organization called Acorn, had once again lied. The ostensible purpose was to make the White House under a Black President look as if it favors Black Americans over White Americans.

The tragedy of this event is that it is another in a series of events that tend to prove that the Obama administration is overly sensitive about race issues. The irony of this event is that the event returns Ms. Sherrod to the Civil Rights battleground that has defined her life. As the world watches, it is clear that Ms. Sherrod will make the right decision about job offers and that her life, like that of Rosa Parks, will serve as a beacon of light in the seemingly never ending wars against racism and discrimination in America.

Watching her on television it was clear that in spite of the tragedies in her life, including the killing of her father by a white man when she was a teen ager, has provided an impetus to work for equality. Her choice rather was to serve as a model against hate which is the opposite of what the FOX television video tried to do. Her message has been to look beyond race and get beyond the Civil War. She's a Civil Rights hero!


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