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Open Letter to Bill Bogaard, Chris Holden and Jacque Robinson

Guys, I read your open letter about the Barnes Assassination, at the hands of the Pasadena Police Department. Here is my response:

Uhhm First problem: Your letter has already agreed Mr. Barnes was armed, and the investigations are being carried out with that assumption.There is considerable factual debate with this point of view, all things considered, especially point three below.

Ahhh, Second problem: The Chief is WELL AWARE that his officers moved Mr. Barnes body from the scene of the shooting, placed his body in a different position from where it fell, and fired into the back of Mr. Barnes body repeatedly,  through to concrete paving when they knew he was dead or completely unconscious, all clear violations of policy.

Ahhh Third Problem: The Chief is WELL AWARE his officers mislead him as to the actual events of the shooting and that this had the effect of causing him to issue incorrect statements to the public regarding what happened. These statements were easily disproved by locally taken cell phone photographs and probably the PPD's own car contained cameras. Once we know the police officers involved have lied about the events of the shooting, how can we believe them as to the probable cause to pull over the car or the legitimacy of the shooting?

Er ah Fourth problem: Because of problems two and three above it is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to believe or have trust in any investigation conducted into his matter by the PPD or the local DA who regularly do business with and rely upon the testimony of the PPD. The conflicts of interest are just absolutely glaring.

Fifth Problem: The Pasadena City Council should have ordered the Chief early , once it was clear his officers were not telling him the truth, to turn the entire matter over to the Justice Department. Waiting until he felt it was appropriate to do so demonstrates a clear disregard for the community and for the police department, because the longer the issue remained in the hands of the PPD, the less trust the public could have in the results of any investigation.

Sixth Problem :There are rumors in the community that the PPD has been intimidating and arresting witnesses to their murder of Mr. Barnes. No mention of this alleged [ongoing] unlawful activity in an attempt to cover up an unlawful shooting has been mentioned as a subject of any proposed investigation.

I thank the Chief for getting the Feds involved, but he should have them alone conduct the investigation. Any involvement by his department can not be seen as anything but tainted and an attempt at cover up.

The PPD have a long and colorful history of depriving African-American people of their lawful enjoyment of property, liberty and life, and of a separate and unequal set of standards for enforcement applied to African-Americans. Hopefully the Pasadena City Council can focus not on aiding this cover up, but transforming Pasadena's Police culture.


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