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The Slower You Go…

Derrick DancerWith God, sometimes the slower you go, the faster you get there!  This is true for the Godly Fitness process and many of the other "good works" that align themselves with God's word.  

I'm drawn to this truth once again by the necessity to temper what many of us want in our hearts and minds versus what is practical and realistic when it comes to things like being or becoming fit.  All things being equal, we don't get to the point of being unfit and overweight overnight. So why do we expect to overcome such a challenge in as unreasonable a length of time?  I know it's an overused cliché, but I believe there can be real substance to the deployment of this thought if we make proper application of its intent.    

Proverbs 21:5 states that "The thoughts of the [steadily] diligent tend only to plenteousness, but everyone who is impatient and hasty hastens only to want." Often times in my endeavor to help our fitness clients with their desire to be fit, there is this innate perception that the more you do and the harder you work, the faster the results…  This can be true for the assembly-line process for an inanimate object, but not for you and I.  Our bodies and psychic's weren't created to respond to this type of conditioning as a means to life-style change. 

Remember that above all things our physical bodies in alignment with our psychological wellbeing are constantly looking to maintain what experts call a state of homeostasis - the safeguarding of balance within the physical and chemical formulas at work within you and I, so as to counter the negative effects of disruptive changes.  So what we're saying here is that your mind and your body won't allow you to push yourself at a thousand miles per hour but for a short period of time.  It is at this point that something less daunting has to be utilized; it's called patience.

This is a very special form of patience however; nothing of the type you and I use when we simply have to wait for something.  This form of patience comes from exercising - Exercising Faith!  Here's how it's done: James 1:3 and 4 instructs us in "…knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience" and then encourages us to "…let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."

So where does the application of the exercising of faith start?  In our minds.  Therefore what has to take place is a rewiring of how we think patience works. Matthew Henry put it this way, "We must be diligent in our business, and not shrink from the toil and trouble of it, but prosecute it closely, improving all advantages and opportunities for it, and doing what we do with all our might; yet we must not be hasty in it, nor hurry ourselves and others with it, but keep doing…"

Subsequently, whether we're talking about fitness or any of the other "good works", the Bible says that if we do this, then we are complete, fulfilled and finished.  Complete because you're working with Him.  Fulfilled because you're content and satisfied with the reward of knowing your faith is at work, and finished because, like with His work, yours is done, and you're simply returning to the starting point to fill in the middle.

Well that’s my time for this time; if this subject interests you, please join me next time when I’ll share more regarding the awesome benefits of getting and being fit God’s way!

If you’re not active exercise wise, remember to start slow and build from where you are; and see a doctor first if you have any level of a health challenge.

[Derrick is a licensed & ordained minister and graduate of Azusa World Ministry’s Ministry Training Institute, as well as an AMF Certified Fitness Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, and owner of His Cross Training Fitness.  You can contact him at (626) 524-5125 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .]


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