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Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver,
Chad Ochocinco, Wide Receiver
c/o Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati, Ohio

Gentlemen: Please allow me to congratulate each of you on your many outstanding accomplishments. At this point, you are both rated among the elite professionals in the NFL. In addition to your athletic skills, each of you found ways to become more famous, than would be ordinarily expected of those in your profession. So, in an economic sense, you have both learned how to work with the capitalist system.John Randolph Rogers

Now that you both on the same team, you are now face-to-face with your greatest opportunity. You are now on a team that is a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Your team has Marvin Lewis, a great head coach, and Carson Palmer, an outstanding quarterback. It is also balanced with a good running attack and a ferocious defense.  However, there are many Pundits who do not expect you to do well. They have already written and broadcast that your egos are large and destructive. They are saying that you won’t be able to get along with each other, and with other members of your team. To put it bluntly, they are saying that the two of you are too stupid to take advantage of your present opportunity.

It will largely be up to the two of you to maintain a steely focus on your championship aspirations. You already realize that you’re living under a microscope, and that any small missteps will be recorded, and any negative impacts will be highly magnified. So, if you are to have any opportunity to succeed, you must maintain your discipline and self awareness. You might consider that someone is making a movie of you this year, and that it will be shown in perpetuity to your descendents.
I suspect that they would like to learn that you are talented, noble, dignified and courageous, and also that you were champions. Is this something that you can do?

If you need me, I am here to help.

Wishing you success,
John Randolph Rogers

It seems to me the day that Mike Garrett hired Pete Carroll to be the head coach of the Trojans, that it was both the best and worst day of his professional career. If Carroll had not been successful, then I think that Garrett would have immediately been fired. Instead, he enjoyed so much success that he became incredibly popular with everyone in the Trojan Nation. When a coach becomes that popular, no one in a university administration can control him. No one could fire a Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, or Bobby Knight, when they were at the peaks of their successes. Rather, they spend their time offering new incentives and bonuses, in order to keep them from accepting office from competing schools. If you have a situation where a popular and successful head coach does leave, then the athletic  director is always blamed for allowing that to happen. Reflecting upon this situation, if Garrett had fired Carroll for any reason, then he would have also been fired. You may recall that, after repeated transgressions, the President of Indiana University fired Bobby Knight. The fans in that state was so outraged that he had to have armed escorts with him on campus, and police protection at his home. I do not think that the situation out here would have been that bad, I hope you get my point.

The Bruins have hired Tyus Edney to be there Director of Basketball Operations. He will long be remembered for his incredible four second, full court dash to score the winning basket in the 1995 NCAA Championship game.

Both Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant have just had knee surgeries. To my way of looking at things, they would have been better off to have had the surgeries, immediately after their parade. With their training camp scheduled to begin in September, their recuperation time seems painfully short. Was there a reason for waiting the extra weeks.

Before this NBA season is over, I predict that Pat Riley will once again become the head coach of the Miami Heat. It seems to me that the only way that their present coach can keep his job, is for the team to not lose a single game this season.

Riley is like the Lakers Jackson in that he is only interested in coaching teams with great players.

I saw reported on television that some FBI agents had cheated on one of their examinations. At this point, they do not know how many cheated and they do not yet know their names. They should have the NCAA do the investigation for them.

They will find the guilty ones, even if it takes them forever.

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