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The Speech You've All Been Waiting For...Dr. Claud Anderson

Live on DVD & CD, taped June 5, 2010
"Economic Justice For Blacks"; "Collecting on the Debt from the 1866 Treaty"

Dr. Anderson's Prophecies for Black America Fulfilled

Black news from Pasadena - Dr. Claud Anderson sounding the alarmBlack news from Pasadena - Dr. Milligan on sounding the alarmDr. Claud Anderson has sounded the alarm to Black Americans for 40 years, forecasting how they would become an underclass of beggars and criminals and proposing strategies to prevent that inevitable fall. In this provocative inspiring lecture and Power Point presentation, Dr. Anderson tracks some of his major prophecies and their fulfillment. He analyzes the effects of a race that is leaderless and has been abandoned and 'thrown under the bus' by those who claim leadership. In this lecture, Dr. Anderson explains the Indian Treaties of 1866 and how they are the last legal argument that Blacks can use to obtain economic justice. He discusses how social integration failed to correct historical economic disparities, and if Blacks are to change course, their only chance to salvage their race from total demise is to purposefully select leadership that is committed to the resurrection of Black communities, with pride, unity, and Black-owned businesses.

Dr. Anderson makes powerful points in his DVD & CD. You will want to hear him discuss:

  • How the Black over-class of elected officials, civil rights leaders, ministers, athletes and entertainers through ignorance, selfishness ,and greed squandered the limited opportunities Blacks had for racial economic justice. These overclass members allied with every aggrieved group – women, illegal immigrants, minorities, religious groups, ethnic groups, the handicapped, gays – any group with a grievance, except their own race, Blacks.
  • How other interest groups with grievances adopted and corrupted the phrases, language and concepts of the Black Civil Rights Movement and used those corruptions to impede Black economic justice and competitiveness.
  • Why The 1866 Treaties between the United States government and the Five Civilized Tribes are critical to Black America, and how those documents placed Blacks in a protected class and mandated specific economic benefits and justice for Black Freedmen (slaves formerly owned by Indians) and Black Indians.
  • The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is locked and under the control of the Democratic Party that limits its member activities to non-black legislative issues, The Republican Party functions as the new Dixiecrat Party of the Old Racist South.

[To buy visit Classic One Books & Herbs, 1425 W. Manchester Ave. L. A. CA 90047, 323-750-3592 or go to www.milliganbooks.com]


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