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Doors of Opportunity Closing

Black news - commentary on a nation using its limited resourcesSomewhere I read that countries usually have few choices on which to spend their limited resources. Someone put it simply by saying it usually is a choice between guns or butter. I would add it's either guns, butter, or education.

America under the Bush administration chose to buy guns with their limited resources. Now America is suffering from lack of butter, housing, healthcare and educational opportunities. America went another step and not only decided to spend all of our money on war, i.e., guns, but we outsourced the butter to other countries because we thought they could make it cheaper. The question is, "Is it really cheaper in the long run when we won't even have the jobs to make the money to buy the guns or butter?" It's called, "Depression."

When we look at what is going on in our communities we see a shocking misuse of resources. This is especially true in the field of education. Education is the thing that has kept America ahead of the world and now young people trying to go to college are faced with a large number of, sometimes, insurmountable obstacles above getting passing grades.

The elementary middle and high schools are lagging behind and not adequately preparing our young people to get to the next level of schooling. Once they get through these first steps there is the next hurdle to get over; that is deciding what college to go to and getting into the college of their choice. Next they have to get the funding for college and then the classes that they need to get through to the degree they want. Oh yes, I nearly forgot, once they get the degree, what about a job that has not been outsourced to another country?

Let's step back and take it one step at a time so you don't get depressed. Step One is to write a letter to the President and your Congressman to get out of these wars so we can buy more education and food for our own people. As for college, there is a battle going on between private for profit colleges like between the University of Phoenix and DeVry, and State schools and universities. The State colleges and universities say that the private for profit schools don't do as good a job at educating and the students who go to them never pay their loans back. The public state funded schools don't have enough classes or teachers, so as I see it, each has their shortcomings.

The point is, we are spending so much of our money killing people and cultures in wars to take over their oil that we don't have enough left to educate our people. Those wanting an education need it and better get it the best way they can whether it is from a University of Phoenix, or DeVry, or even a trade school like barber or beauty college or a real estate training school, because the doors of opportunity are closing and ony those with skills will be the winners.

There are a few other options to school and that is getting experience in a field of your choice as either an apprentice through a union or just a volunteer. What about learning masonry, or plumbing or electrical work? These trades make very good money. Just do something before the doors close!


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