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African American news - sports commentary and moreWho would have believed that Los Angeles would have a real life version of the movie, "War of the Roses." The movie starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, and it was made in 1989. They appeared to be extremely successful couple with a perfect marriage. Then disaster struck, in the form of a bitter, contentious divorce.

There are so many parallels to what Frank and Jamie McCourt are going through right now. In many ways, it is almost a remake of the movie. The public revelations from the divorce proceedings have been both interesting, and in some cases shocking. It appears that Frank was able to buy the Dodgers for about $400 million. He was reportedly able to do this without having any money of his own. If I understand what I read, he was able to borrow the down payment from the Seller, and then have them give him a mortgage for the balance. Since he had a previous bankruptcy, his FICO score must have been close to 000.

Since they had lived through one bankruptcy, Jamie had her doubts about this venture. So, according to the allegations, she took steps to preserve her own nest egg, and to avoid any future liabilities that she felt were sure to come. Then, to her utter amazement, Frank survived, and was now ready to start some huge real estate developments, and to have his own television network. Unbelievably, his ship had come in!

Frank is now saying, "I have my own assets and you have yours." Jamie's rebuttal is, "We are co-owners in all of our businesses, especially the Dodgers." They have gone to Court to attempt to resolve this issue. He has a team of six attorneys, and she has only five. The Court's have been carrying a tremendous debt load. It has been reported that each of them has had to borrow money, in order to pay their Attorneys. So, irrespective of the decision about the ownership of the team, the indications are that it will have to be sold to someone who can afford to own the team. It also appears that each of them are so obsessed with the issue of ownership, that it is unlikely that they will find a way to settle the issue among themselves. The War of the Roses, indeed!

It now appears that Reggie Bush will be asked to return his Heisman Trophy. The reports are that they will vacate the award for that year. There was some thought that they might give it to Vince Young, who was the runner-up. That apparently will not happen, and it does not seem viable, since Young has already said that he would not accept it, if it was offered. Bush is the only one of the 75 previous winners, to have been disqualified. My own suspicion is that it has been extremely painful to Bush to have to return the most prestigious award associated with the sport. He is also persona non grata at USC, a place that had become near and dear to him. He has contacted the University, to try to mend some of the fences, but they now treat him as if he has a leper. His parents have been strangely silent, and he alone has dealt with the public humiliation. Bush was around 18 or 19 years of age, when he and his parents began accepting financial assistance from a would be Sports Agent. He was old enough to know that what they were all doing was wrong. However, he may not have been old enough to sign any contracts, without his parents written permission. His professional football career has been mediocre, when compared to the success that he enjoyed at USC. So, his professional career is nearly over, and having the Heisman Trophy could have been an asset to him for the rest of his life. I will say this for him; he did earn that Award with his talent, his blood and sweat. He gave thrills to the Trojan Nation that they will never forget. When the NCAA allows USC to invite him back the Campus, and help him with his academic development, I hope they will. Good luck Reggie, in whatever you do. Remember to always Fight On!

UCLA lost its first game. They now fearfully await the arrival of the dreaded Stanford Cardinal. How times have changed, from the days when playing against Stanford guaranteed you a win. Rick Neuheisel has been at UCLA for three years now. Would Karl Dorrell have done any better?

The Trojans traveled to Hawaii, and came back with a win. The Warriors found that they could handle the Trojan defense, however they were outscored. Pretty or not, a win is a win. The Virginia Cavaliers will be at the Coliseum at 7:30 PM, Saturday night. They have a pretty good team, but they are not much of a threat.

Tiger Woods played his best golf in almost a year. He did not win the tournament, but three of his rounds were in the 60s. That is a marked improvement over what he has been doing recently.

As this is being written, Venus Williams is still competing in the US open tournament in New York. She is playing some of the best tennis in her long career. She played in a tennis outfit that she designed. At least one of us does not know anything about fashion.

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