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Ask Deanna! Is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based subjects! Ask Deanna! can be heard every Sunday on KTYM AM 1460 at 3:00pm in Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Deanna!
After being married for 10 years I love my wife but I think I'm in love with someone else. I'm ready to file for divorce because I want to be with the other woman. My wife and I don't have any children and I would be willing to split our assets in order to be happy. How do I make sure the love is gone with my wife?
David, Memphis, TN
Dear David:
Check on your love through prayer to seek forgiveness for your adultery and violation of wedding vows. You're confused and sound selfish because things may not be going your way in the marriage. The other woman has no place in this decision and you need to make her disappear. Seek professional marriage counseling so your wife's story can be heard and a decision made together about your future.

Dear Deanna!
My girlfriend slapped me so hard that she cut my lip and I started bleeding. It made me so mad that I slapped her. She called the police and accused me of beating her and I went to jail for three days. I broke up with her because she didn't tell the police that I hit her for calling my mother out of her name. She wants to get back with me but I'm just not feeling it. What should I do?
Anonymous, San Bernardino, Ca

Dear Anonymous:
Mothers are on the second line of elevation after God but you should've walked away instead of reacting in a physical manner. However, any woman that will send a man to jail out of spite deserves to be alone. This woman told an ugly lie that will haunt you for a long time. You should enjoy your freedom and realize there are other fish in the sea.

Dear Deanna!
I'm in a committed relationship with no children or financial concerns. However, I do want children. Do you think I should adopt or end the relationship because the lady I'm with doesn't plan on having kids?
Damien, On-Line Reader

Dear Damien:
Regardless of where they come from, natural birth or adoption, both parties must agree on the children issue. There's a difference between a woman not wanting to physically birth children versus not wanting any at all. Have a discussion with your mate and see if she's willing to adopt. If so, you're fine. If not, decide if you want to be with this woman or find one that'll fulfill your dream to hear the pitter patter of little feet.

[Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or write: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Website: www.askdeanna.com]


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