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This week marked the third time in my life that I have underestimated my parents. My family has never been a very tech savvy one. My step-dad likes to think he is but in reality, not so much. My mom buys the newest stuff, but can barely manage the on and off button, instructions and all.

The only real people that can deal with the technical problems that wield otherwise cripple our family are me and my sister (but mostly me). Whether it's staying on tech support when my Mom can't or figuring out what my step dad could've done to destroy the tv, I'm always there. Yesterday, however, was a different matter.

For the past week I had been experiencing some serious technical problems with my iPad. For those of you who dont know, my iPad is what I type everything on and is my most important item. Anyway, it was my fault. I really wanted to jailbreak it and just couldn't resist when i saw it. It was fun at first, but like all things good, it had to end with horrible failure. Before I knew it, the screen was unresponsive and I was screwed. Fortunately, I knew a place in the mall that fixed stuff like this. So with everything on the line I went off with my dad to the mall. The really hairy guy came up to the desk and asked me a few questions. I answered, trying to make it sound like I wasn't at fault. After a day they told me that they couldn't do anything about. I was crushed. I was just about to try selling it when my dad said he thought of a way to fix it.

In my mind, I disregarded everything he said. Why? Because my dad's awful with technology. Despite that though, I pityed him, so I let him have a shot at it. We took it back to my house and hooked it up to iTunes and rebooted it. And sure enough, it actually worked!

It was quite a huge experience, and I learned a lot about how much my parents actually know. Truly it was a learning experience for all of us.

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Corner - Question of the DayQuestion of the Day

I learned a lot from underestimating my parents technical skills. Have any of your parents ever surprised you by doing something you thought they couldn't?

Tip of the Week

Do not ever jailbreak your phone! It is not worth it! It's fun. Very fun. But still not worth it.

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Corner - App of the WeekApp of the Week

This weeks app is more of a business thing. It's the Chase Bank app. Being a teenager with a job gives me a lot of problems concerning money. Not having my car yet, I have to either get a ride or walk to chase bank to deposit my checks. With this new technology though, I can deposit my checks online and still be lazy. A huge time saver for the working, or not working. Apologies if your not with Chase, though.

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