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UCLA and USC both won last week, and they won big. The Trojans were heavily favored to win over pitiful San Jose State, but the Bruins against San Diego State with something a question mark. Now that the preliminary games out of the way, we can quickly get down to some serious football. The fans have been waiting for this and it is fi nally here.

The victorious Bruins travel to Tennessee to take on the Volunteers, who also won their opener. This game has a number of interesting storylines. Their new head coach is Lane Kiffi n. You remember him, don't you? He was an Assistant to Pete Carroll at USC. Then, he was hired by the Raiders to be their head coach. Shortly after his hiring, he was fi red and now he is just another one of the many excoaches of the Raiders. Kiffen has made many headlines, some good and some bad, since he went to Tennessee. He has been in recruiting squabbles with all of the top coaches in his area. He certainly is not a shrinking violet, and he may be just what the Vols need. UCLA beat them last year, and that victory gave their fans some hope for a great season. Sadly, they were disappointed. There is no doubt that the Bruins are better than last year. We may have some idea of how much better, after they fi nish their Tennessee waltz.

The Trojans travel to Ohio to meet the Buckeyes. This is the game that everyone wants to see. The Trojans trounced them easily last year in the Coliseum. However, even as they won, they knew that they would have to face the young phenomenon, Terrell Pryor in the future. He could be the return of the Vince Young nightmare. The Buckeyes were fortunate enough to win a close game to a weak Navy team. At this point, we don't know if Navy was that good or Ohio State is that bad. While the Trojans will not be suffering from overconfi dence, they were extremely pleased at the performance of rookie quarterback Matt Barkley.Sports pre-season

The game in Ohio will be a stern test, but there is a general feeling among the Trojan hierarchy, that Barkley is ready. On Saturday afternoon, we will know for certain, because that is why they play the game. The Williams sisters have publicly complained about the loss of some of their fan support. They are still the number one draw in tennis, and most fans still want to see them play. However, for an extended period of time, the Sisters did not appear to take their tennis careers as seriously as the fans would have liked. Sometimes, they really did seem interested in playing well, and they did not always show up in good physical condition.

This lack of practice and conditioning, that too many injuries, and caused them to miss a number of tournaments. They seem to be more interested in pursuing other activities, and that tennis had just become a chore when they were motivated, and playing well, they won most of the tournaments. They are within their rights, if they choose to not be the best that they can be, but they also have to realize that the fans are within their rights, if they stop caring.

After the game between Boise State University and Oregon last week, a fi ght broke out between two of the players. Oregon football player, LeGarrette Blount was peacefully leaving the fi eld, when he was approached by Byron Hout, Defensive BSU. Mr. Hout placed his hand on Mr. Blount's shoulder, in order to get his attention. This resulted in Mr. Blount looking at Mr. Hout, who then said something to him. After his remarks, Mr. Hout immediately received a punch in the face. The fallout from this regrettable incident is that Mr. Blount has been suspended from the football team for the remainder of his senior year.

Thus, his college football career is over. BSU offi cials have stated that Mr. Blount will be disciplined, but he will not be suspended from any of the games.

To me, this seems like a gross miscarriage of justice, since Mr. Blount was both touched and taunted. I do believe that Mr. Blount should be punished, but that he should not be suspended for more than fi ve games. I sent an e-mail to the President of the University of Oregon, to protest their decision. I know that I will hear from him, and I will publish his reply.

As quiet as it has been kept, both the Angels and the Dodges are in fi rst place, in their respective divisions. Both teams are happy with their standings, but the Dodgers don't feel that they would get a World Series win over St. Louis, and this year's Angels team does not feel good about the possibility of facing the Yankees. Neither team may need to be so concerned, since most of the favorites usually get upset.

The dreaded Sideline Reporters have expanded their range of activities. Until this year, they would just annoy coaches and players during halftime, or timeouts. Now, they are conducting interviews, while the games are being played. In their own minds, they have become more important than the games. If you know of any way to stop them, please let me know.

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