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APRIL 9th TOPIC:  A Close-Up Look At Depression & What You Can Do To Help.

 Depression is a terrible disease and it effects many, Christians as well as non-Christians.  It can happen to any of us, especially in these end times.  Pastor Rick Warren's son committing suicide is a wake up call for all of us.

"It's Time To Get In Your Children's Business" Mental/Emotionally Business:

  • Ask your children how they are doing mentally and emotionally.
  • Observe their behavior and mood change.

It's important to pay close attention now-a-days as depression and suicide rate are on the rise: due to the recession and depression which are causing people to feel insecure, inadequate, uncertain, despair and hopelessness.

  • Communicate with your children face to face as much as possible or talk to them often via telephone, by doing so, it will be easy to detect when things are not well with them.

You can hear it in their voices—pay attention to your gut feelings and instinct.

If you think they are depressed, using drugs or alcohol, confront them in a concern loving caring manner and tell them why you suspect such. They are going to lie most of the times, but just continue to observe and lovingly confront.

If they tell you they are depressed, believe them and seek help for them.

Be aware of behaviors changes such as: avoidance, silence, withdrawn, snappy and short responses.

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