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johnrandolphrogers1A PERFECT WEEKEND...

A Salute to Lisa Leslie

UCLA beat Tennessee

USC beat Ohio State

Michigan beat Notre Dame

The Raiders Lost

Tiger Won Again


It has been my privilege and pleasure to witness the growth and success of our homegrown superstar, Lisa Leslie. The first time that I met her was at a high school graduation ceremony. She was receiving some awards, and she was headed for USC. Even then, she was poised and ladylike. She knew that she had the talent to become a superstar, and she behaved like one. Her life has been one success after another; Morningside High School, USC, the Olympics and now The Sparks. She appears to be regal without effort, and classy, without being aloof. It is clear that she will continue to be successful, whatever she chooses to do, after she retires. Thank you Lisa Leslie, we are all your fans!

The UCLA coaching staff was very nervous about going to Tennessee. After all,

The Vols had hired Lane Kiffin and his father Monte to coach their team. Kiffin had been very aggressive and controversial in his recruiting activities. He was walking hard, and talking tough. The Bruins can't seem to keep any of their quarterbacks healthy for more than a week or two. They had their newest one, Kevin Prince prepared to start the game. He did, and he led them to victory although, he has a broken jaw to show for his effort. However, he did win the game, but this weekend the Bruins will be starting another freshman quarterback.

The Trojans seemed to be the only ones not worried about going back to Ohio State with a true freshman quarterback. They felt that the gifted Matt Barkley was ready to lead the team to a victory back at the Horseshoe. Sure, they had over 100,000 screaming fans back there, but Barkley said that he would pretend that they were cheering for him. He led a rally, late in the game, that brought the victory to USC. Sorry again, Buckeyes!

The winning drive was reminiscent of the one that USC used over Ohio State in one of their Rose Bowl victories. It was late in the game, and the Trojans were behind. They had the march nearly the entire length of the field, if they hope to win. They mounted a drive, led by great running back Charles White, who carried the ball 11 straight times. He ultimately scored the winning touchdown, and thus became a part of Trojan lore.

Let me confess again, I always hope that Notre Dame loses. It started when I was a USC student, and it continues even to this day. To me, it seemed that they felt that they were entitled to win every game that they play. They were insufferable. So, I am happy when they lose any of their opponents, and I am absolutely thrilled when they lose to USC. In addition, the behavior of their obnoxious football coach Charlie Weis, is another important reason to root against them. Weis was supposed to be their next great coach, but now he is on the hot seat, and if this season is not a winning one, it is likely to be his last.

The Raiders are now worse than the Clippers. They lost again to the Chargers. They appear to be headed for another losing season, while everyone in the organization still extols the virtues of their owner, Al Davis. It appears to me that every Raider employee must sing the Al Davis song. This includes the radio and television announcers, and their media people. The Raiders have been just a bad joke for at least the past 10 years, but if you listen to them, they will tell you that they are the best organization in the world, and that Al Davis is the most brilliant owner who ever lived. When they say it, they seem to believe it, although they have not had a winning season since skippy was a pup, and you know how long ago that was.

Everything that anyone can say about Tiger Woods has already been said, but let me try anyway. His game has been somewhat uneven, since his return from surgery. Golf is a very delicate sport, even for Tiger. So he had some good days, and some bad days. Lately there have been more good ones. In his tournament last week, it looks as if he has put all the pieces back together. He won easily. However, that does not mean that he will win every tournament, just most of them.

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