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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Tiger and Yashiel PuigTIGER IS BACK!

Please allow me to start this Article with a confession. I do not play golf, although I took some lessons when I was in the Army. It is an incredibly difficult sport, and not many people are good at it. The first big challenge is to actually hit the ball. The second one is to wonder how far it will go. I also think that there should be a law that does not allow anyone to discuss their golf score, unless they play in the PGA.

Not only do I not play golf, but I never watched it on television until Tiger Woods came along. I tuned in to watch him play in his first Masters Tournament in Augusta. He looked so young, and so alone. The Pundits had said that he was a great golfer, but that he would not be able to withstand the pressure of playing in the Masters, which is the cradle of PGA Golf.

On that day, Tiger was completely focused, and he beat that golf course like it was a 25 cent rug. He made no mistakes, and he showed no mercy. He had shown the world who he was. He then put on that ugly Green Jacket and went home.

It is no secret that Tiger has not been playing well lately. The margin for error for anyone who plays golf, is very, very small. It takes absolute concentration and complete control of all of your muscles in order to make the ball go where you want it to go. Any slight deviation is likely to result in an absolute disaster.

Last Sunday, he won a seven shot victory in the Bridgestone Invitational at Akron, Ohio. He was 15 under par for the tournament. He looked cool and confident as he worked his way around the course. For him, it seemed to be just another walk in the park. After he received the Trophy, he picked up his smiling son Charlie, and they left the course together. Woods later remarked, "this is the first time that he has seen me win". I guess that from now on Charlie will expect him to win every tournament, and complain loudly if he does not. Welcome back Tiger, we missed you!

This weekend he will be playing in the PGA Championship at Oak Hill. I do not know if Charlie will be there with him, but I do know that he will be watching. He expects that his father will win, and I think that Tiger will do his best to not disappoint him.


Before Puig showed up, the Dodgers were a disappointing mess. They had a losing record, but that did not seem to bother anyone. They appeared to be just sleepwalking their way through the season. They were counting on Kemp and Eithier, and one of them was usually injured and the other was just bored. I am sure that Mattingly knows baseball, and he is one of the all-time Yankee greats. However, in New York, the manager did not have to motivate the team, because George Steinbrenner was the owner and that was what he did. He watched all the players carefully, and they lived in terror of his criticism.

Then Puig joined the team. He is a 22-year-old baseball player, who had defected from Cuba. He showed up ready to play some baseball, and he did. He is a talented and enthusiastic player who absolutely enjoys playing the game. He led the team to victory after improbable victory. The fans fell in love with him, and he has quickly become the most popular player.

The old Divas were being ignored. The team was winning, and Puig was getting most of the credit. So, some of them roused themselves to make an effort to play better. Then success became contagious, and now most of them are playing as well as they can. Mattingly, who was on the verge of being fired, is now being congratulated for his managerial skills. He was almost gone, and he knows that he is a lucky man.

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