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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Controversy, Dodgers, Angels, illegal substancesCONTROVERSY - If you think there are more reports of controversy in the media today than ever before, then you are correct. The reason is that there are now more media outlets, find and they have to report on something.

In the past, Reporters talked to athletes about the games, the plays, and the scores. Now, they ask them questions and hope that they get an answer that will cause some controversy.

Also, families are now using Twitter and other Social Media outlets to communicate with the world. As it turns out, they would be better off if they did not send some of these messages, since they often result in the sender being fined, fired, or embarrassed, or all three. It does point out that some people are addicted to the attention that they get from the media, and that they will do anything to get their names and photographs published. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is an observation.

The availability of the media does allow some individuals to become famous almost instantaneously. They may not have any special talent, except to become famous and wealthy, by becoming famous and wealthy. In retrospect, that is a talent in itself. However, most people might be better served if they keep as much information about their lives to themselves. Whatever it is, once it is out there, you cannot get it back. So, it is probably a great idea to think before you Tweet.

DODGERS - The team has been on an amazing run. They were challenging Won-Loss records that have existed for more than 50 years. Many of those teams had Hall of Famers at nearly every position. At this point, the only player that they have who has shown that kind of potential is Claytom Kershaw. Yasiel Puig seems to have a God-given talent to become a baseball superstar. However, his lack of maturity and his emotional outbursts appear almost certain to sabotage his career, unless he can get them under control. When I watch on him the field, I think of the similarities between him and Andrew Bynum, and you know how that turned out.

When the season started, Either and Kemp were supposed to be the stars of the team. They have the talent, but the combination of lack of focus and injuries have made them mostly ineffective. Kemp is still injured, and he has not been much of a participant in the team's success. He and Eithier are likely to be on the trading block, since the team desperately needs another quality starting pitcher. They are both likely to play a lot harder than they have done in the past, since they would like to remain in Chavez Ravine.

ANGELS - The Angels have to be sweating bullets these days. Albert Puljos has eight years left on his contract, and the team owes him a guaranteed $212 million. Ouch! Puljos has not been playing well, and he appears to be much older than his reported 33 years of age. It is likely that the Angels have injury insurance on his contract, and they probably hope that they will get a chance to use it. Otherwise, their $200 million will just disappear into the wind.

Jerry Dipoto is the teams General Manager, and it was reportedly his decision to sign both Puljos and Hamilton to long-term, big-money contracts. Apparently, Dipoto did not see the movie, "Money Ball". At this point, Angel Stadium simply cannot be the happiest place on earth. All that money spent, with such poor results; someone just has to go!

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES - I like to see great athletes perform, watch great movies, and listen to wonderful musicians. However, after I have watched a great performance, I tend to put those thoughts aside, and move onto something else. I really do not care what athletes, actors, and musicians do on their own time.

If it was up to me, I would let them juice themselves up, or do whatever else they want to do, as long as they do not infringe on anyone else's rights. If players perform better when they take HGH, then maybe all of it should be required to take it. Just kidding. I'll let the Sports Commissioners worry about things like that. In the meantime, I will just watch them play.

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