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P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter - September

African American news from Pasadena - Youth Page - P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter anniversary issueSalutations Readers! I'm Chelsea J and welcome to the September Special Second Year Anniversary Issue of the P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter!

September Topic: 180

It is simply amazing to see how far this newsletter has come over the course of just two years. I have spoken at local schools and churches about the tools needed to succeed. I am so blessed to say that I have captivated, motivated, and empowered my readers. A small spark from (you know the big man upstairs) catapulted this vision into an even more vivid reality. Below are highlights from some of my earlier posts of the Newsletter, ENJOY!

Now I know that most of you should be well into your school semester by now. You have found your way to all of your classes, and promptly saw the division of the three Kinds of Kids in school. These are them: The cool kids, from The uncool kids, and The in-between kids. The in-between kids can be a little tricky. For they may seem to be at level with you, yet they drop you like a hot potato once they get in good with the cool kids. Watch out for these people!

There is a solution to this madness. That solution is you. It only takes one to Change the Game. All you have to do is simply Smile and Speak. This may seem juvenile, but it really does make a difference. Smile at the kid who is frowning. Help out that someone who dropped all of their papers, and may be late to class. Say "Hello". By doing those simple things, you can easily set your sights on making new friends, and brightening up someone else's day with the light of Jesus. See what I did there? Show Jesus, don't Throw Jesus.

If you are still shaking in your boots, it is quite alright.

How To Break Up with Fear:  Just Do It (Insert Nike Swish).

Even if you are afraid, just take the risk. It may just turn out to be successful. In life, we come full circle, but to get what you never got, you have to do something you have never done. Hope you make that 180, let's go to the next level!

JAM 4 the Month: ROAR by Katy Perry

This empowering tune is about coming back with a force of confidence right behind you. Nothing can stop us if we BELIEVE.

By Building Confidence in Others, You Build Confidence in Yourself.

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