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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - we are all bullies and how LA is championship cityWE ARE ALL BULLIES!

Recently the Sports Media has been dominated by the story of one professional football player bullying his teammate. The victim of these incidents was a rookie linebacker, who played for the Miami Dolphins. Among other things, the Rookie was required to pay $15,000 for members of his team to have breakfast, even when he was not invited. He did this because it was a tradition with the club, and he wanted to fit in, and to be accepted by his teammates. The teammates treated him this way because that is how they were treated, when they were rookies. They were just perpetuating the horrible behavior that had become socially acceptable to them.

All of us may not be bullies, just 99.9 percent of us. We learn early in life that it works, and that by bullying we can get many of the things that we want. A newborn baby learns that when it cries, someone will give it some milk, or change its diaper. If it remains silent, it may remain hungry and wet.

As the child gets older, it learns that it can get many of the things that it wants by yelling or screaming, refusing to eat, or maintaining satisfactory performance in school. In an effort to resolve any of these issues, the parents give in and satisfy whatever demands the child has made. Young people do not reflect on this kind of behavior. They know what they want, and they feel entitled to do anything that they can in order to get it. It does not seem complicated to them.

As they approach adulthood, they want things like cars, cell phones, video games, tattoos, and the like. There will be no peace in their environment, until they get the things that are most important to them. This is Bullying, but it does not seem like that to them. It is simply a way to get what they want, no matter what.

Without fully recognizing what they are doing, employers bully employees, husbands and wives bully each other and their children, and children bully their parents and relatives. If they need to learn more about the art, then they can do so by watching television shows like Bridezilla, Jerry Springer, or Maury Povich. There, they will see people who have not learned any other behavior, except bullying. They want to get whatever it is they want, and will do whatever they think is necessary in order to do that.

Many athletes, both amateur and professional, are big-time bullies. Most of them are larger and stronger than the people that they meet. So, if there is an intimidating factor, it will be on their side. Also, they have become accustomed to the fact that most people will try to please them, if that is humanly possible. After this goes on for some time, they demand and expect that everyone should comply with their wishes, whatever they are. When that does not happen, they can immediately become angry and violent. By their rules, someone is not doing what they were expected to do, and therefore they are asking for trouble. So, if anything bad had happens, it is the fault of the victim.

I think that most adults, as they reflect on their lives, wish that they had been better people. However, this can usually only happen after many mistakes, and some tragic consequences. Looking back, a person can realize that there was a more courteous and responsible way to try to resolve differences. On the other hand, many people feel that they are so right in what they're doing that they never doubt for a moment that their courses of actions were always correct. We all like to be treated with fairness, courtesy and respect. However, we often fail to treat others that way. We can all try to do better, and that effort will likely make our lives better.


Our college and professional teams have mostly been big winners during the last week. To wit:

  1. UCLA beat Colorado.
  2. USC beat Oregon State University.
  3. The Clippers lost to the Lakers; then beat the Rockets.
  4. The Lakers lost to the Clippers; then beat the Hawks.
  5. Both UCLA & USC should have interesting basketball teams this year.

So, if you are a sports fan, and who isn't, this is the place to be. The NFL was to put at least one team into the Los Angeles area, but they are waiting until the local citizens give them from $300-$500 million of the taxpayers money. Other cities have done this, and they will continue to do so. Not only do they get the money to build their stadiums, but after 10 or 15 years this puts them in the position to threaten to leave, if the taxpayers won't bear the cost of stadium improvements. That is called the NFL Way to do business.

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