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The Pursuit of Happiness

African American news from Pasadena - Jasmine Doxey

In the mornings on my way to school, I always have my earphones in my ears, listening to my Ipod. In many cases, when a person listens to a song and likes it, the beat of the music is what wins them over-not the lyrics. So long as the song is catchy and upbeat, the lyrics don't really seem to matter. At least this holds true more so to the younger generation; I admit, I'm one of them.

Lip-syncing to one of "my songs," which I happen to have a lot of, I just realized not too long ago that the song was an extended metaphor talking about drugs. It talks about the pursuit of happiness, however, I beg to differ on the artists' attitudes and methods for obtaining this happiness.

In a sense, he asks us to relate to him, and it figures-we know nothing about what he goes through. We're carefree and would "rather lay awake in the bed full of sorrow." My interpretation: he feels his way is the solution to fixing everything, and it's better than having sleepless nights with stress on the brain. He says, "I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good." However,  I'm pretty sure there are alternative ways to coping with personal issues. No, we don't know the facts and details of his life or of anyone who is in the same state of mind as the artist who composed this song. Well, here's a question for you. Why continue to do these things when it only damages and hurts you in the long run? Despite the fact that it gives you a momentary high, what good will it do you later? Not only will you become dependent, it still won't solve your problems and if it doesn't leave you worse off, you'll still be in the same boat as you were before. Is it stubbornness, ego, pride that stops you from getting real help and getting on the right track? Is it the lack of self-confidence to do so therefore you do not? Maybe you just don't care anymore.

I feel that there is never only one solution to getting out of a jam; people just make it seem that way because, naturally, they would rather take the easy way out no? This man had a choice and took the easy way out. No one can make these choices for you except you.

Looking out the car window towards the city, the song nears to an end. I think, what's next?


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