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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Super Bowl 2014THE ROCKY ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL . . .

Let's face it, almost everyone is obsessed with the upcoming Super Bowl. There are still four teams trying to win it. Only two can play for it, and only one can win it. So, let's get to work.

AFC: New England at Denver, Noon CBS

This is a matchup between Sheriff Peyton Manning and the Evil Empire from New England. Manning has single-handedly resurrected the Broncos Franchise. He brought intelligence and dedication to this previously moribund group. He led by example, and now he has some dedicated followers.

He is facing a team with better players and more of them. He is also facing Bill Belechick, arguably the best head coach in the NFL today. As good as he and his team were, he still resorted to secretly videotaping his opponents, and using what he learned when his teams played against them. He broke NFL rules by doing so, and he was fined $500,000.00. His teams were so good that he would've won most of those games anyway, but he still decided to cheat. This practice may have gone on for as long as seven years, since no one except the Commissioner knows for sure, and he burned all of the evidence.

The Patriots have Tom Brady, who is one of the top quarterbacks in the league. In addition, they recently unleashed a beast of a running back named Blount. He scored four touchdowns in their victory over the Colts. So, when I think of this game, I think of Gary Cooper, who played the sheriff in the movie "High Noon". There are many people who want to harm him, and he is almost alone in his dedication to stopping them. This is not a good situation for him.

Peyton does have an important ally, and it is the rarefied air of Denver. Some of the Patriots are likely to have trouble breathing there. In addition, they may suffer from severe fatigue late in the game. That being the case, and since I do not see any way for Belechick to cheat in this game, I'm taking the Broncos to win by a field goal. The look on Belechick's face is always the same as someone who has several abscessed teeth. I hope that Peyton's performance will keep him looking that way. Go Broncos!

NFC: 49ers at Seattle, 3:30 PM FOX

There is no love lost between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh. It started when Carroll was head coach at USC, and Harbaugh led Stanford to an upset victory over the Trojans. Even though Stanford had sealed the victory, Harbaugh tried to run up the score. He wanted to rub a little salt into Carroll's wounds. This upset the USC head man, and he shouted at Harbaugh, "What's your deal?"

The 49ers have to play this game in Seattle. That is not good news for them. The crowd noise makes it impossible for the opponents of the Seahawks to hear their signals. Therefore, most teams do not play well there, as can be proven by the fact that Seattle has won 15 of its last 16 home games. The crowd noise has been measured at 136 Decibels. That is loud enough to cause pain and to forever damage your ability to hear.

The 49ers have Kapernick, and the Seahawks have Wilson. This is the second week in a row at the games and featured two opposing African-American star quarterbacks. I am predicting that the Seahawks will win. Let the games begin!

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