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Pasadena Police Targeting Pedestrian Violations to Save Lives

African American news from Pasadena - News - Pedestrian safetyPasadena, CA— The Pasadena Police Department will be conducting a pedestrian safety education/enforcement program during the week of March 24. Officers will be focusing on motorists and pedestrians violating laws which increase the chance of a vehicle-pedestrian collision.

Pasadena is constantly striving to enhance its image as a pedestrian friendly city; pedestrian safety is a major part of that goal. While pedestrian safety is the responsibility of both pedestrians and drivers, it is inevitably the pedestrian who loses in a motor vehicle collision. Approximately 600 pedestrians die on California's streets and highways each year. According to Pasadena Police Chief, Phillip L. Sanchez, "Even one fatality is too many, but Pasadena suffered four pedestrian fatalities in the last twelve months and each of them could have been prevented if all parties obeyed traffic laws designed to keep pedestrians safe."

Some reminders

  • In California there is a crosswalk at every corner, whether or not it is marked
  • Drivers may not pass another vehicle stopped at a crosswalk
  • Drivers may not pass a school bus with red lights flashing on either side of the roadway
  • Pedestrians must obey pedestrian signals where provided
  • Pedestrian may not begin to cross after pedestrian signal begins to flash or count down
  • Pedestrians must use crosswalks between signal controlled intersections
  • While no one enjoys receiving a citation, the alternative often is a major tragedy

Please Drive . . . And Walk Safely!



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