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Are You Waiting on God to Play Cupid

Black news from Pasadena - Religion - Waiting for God to play cupidRecently at a house party, I overheard three middle-aged unmarried women talking about their personal challenges to find a good man. The first woman said in a serious tone, "My man now has a part-time job and has voluntarily enrolled himself into rehab." The other two women giggled. The first snapped, "What's so darn funny? At least I have a man!"

One of the women spewed out, "Enrolled in Rehab!?"

The other laughed and said, "That's the second man you had in rehab with a drug problem. You need to wait on the Lord to send you a man."

"Its not for drugs!" the first woman snapped. "It's anger management."

The second woman said, "Anger management, drugs whatever . . . I'm waiting on the Lord like the pastor said."

The third friend, "Amen! Me, too."

The three women chuckled then the first one said, "I'm not waiting on God to play Cupid. If I make a mistake in choosing a man then God gave me the good sense to get rid of him and try another one. But God is not running a matchmaking service."

The third woman said, "Well, the pastor said . . . "

"I don't care what the pastor said," the first woman interrupted, "that man has been married three times."

After approximately five minutes of eavesdropping and amusing myself with their conservation, I moved on to the other side of the room and sat in on spirited conversation about same-sex marriage and sexual immorality in the church. However, I wouldn't forget the dilemma of getting a man expressed by the three single church women earlier. It seemed to me that the churches were filled wall to wall with women claiming to be waiting on the Lord to send them a man. However, on the other hand, many other women have sought to prayer first then step out on faith and take their chances.

No relationship comes with guarantees of eternal bliss and no relationship is without issues to be compromised and/or worked out. On one hand the Bible teaches that people should not live in fear. However, many fear their own judgement and therefore live in loneliness and mistakenly believe it is God's.

Black news from Pasadena - Religion - Oxy and Keke cartoon on relationships



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