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Hey, Auri!

The Hey Auri! Column is dedicated to answering your questions and providing helpful advice.

Hey Auri! So, there is this guy that I really like at my school . . . you can say I have a crush on him. I heard from a friend that he likes me too. I am too shy to go up to him and tell him that I like him. Everytime we see each other we just say "hi" and keep walking. I am becoming discouraged that he hasn't come up to me first and I am starting to think he doesn't actually like me like me. Maybe I should just focus on school . . . what is your advice?

Too shy and lonely

Hey, "Too Shy and Lonely",

I was once in those same shoes you are wearing. I too had a crush on a guy who everyone in my circle confirmed he liked me as well. I was also very shy, but whenever I saw him I kept my demeanor as you are doing, and continued to just say "hi".

One day, however, I took the infamous saying from the rapper Drake and said Y.O.L.O. (you only live once). I told him how I felt . . . I told him that I liked him. Now, did anything come about after? No. BUT I can say that I felt a lot better after. I no longer had to hide my feelings and you shouldn't either.

You are young and there is plenty more fish in the sea, but if you're not even putting your pole in the water for any fish to nibbe on you will starve! Don't starve yourself! Don't be shy, lonely, AND hungry! The worst thing that can happen is he can say he doesn't feel the same, and IF that happens, you keep it Moving (capital M). You have to keep going and be about your business, and be awesome for the right person who will feel the same, and trust me . . . the day will come when you will have so many that feel the same you'll be asking for advice on how to let a person down.

All in all, remain focused on your studies ALWAYS! Never ever lose focus on goals that you have that will make YOU a better YOU! When you have a boyfriend, husband, etc. you never want to lose sight of YOU because YOU is who they fell in love with (or in our case, are going to fall in love with . . . once we find a "they").

Have a dilemma or question and need some friendly advice? Just say "Hey Auri" in an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or write to : 1541 N. Lake Avenue, Suite A, Pasadena, CA, 91104.

If you or someone you know needs the advice of a professional, please check out your school's psychology services or counseling office.




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