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Mother’s Milk on Her Son’s Mustache

African American news from Pasadena - Religion - Marriage and the in-lawThere are many things that create havoc in the home of married couples. Often the in-laws are the culprits in the eyes of the offended spouse. Although parents instinctually want the best for their sons and/or daughters, a few become intrusive and overbearing. However, when doting concern festers into meddling it is the responsibility of the pampered adult child to delineate boundaries. Under no circumstances is it proper for a married couple to permit parents and/or other outsiders to create tension within the home. If a man/woman is too immature to make good and healthy decisions for their own future, they are too immature to be married or in any serious relationship. Although the in-laws and others are occasionally right in their criticism they have no authority and should back off, no matter how well-intended.

A few years ago, my 35-year-old cousin married a 40-year-old divorced man who provided for his widowed elderly mother. The mother-in-law originally lived in a nearby nursing home. However, immediately after they were married his mother started complaining about being mistreated at the nursing home. She complained so much that her mama's boy, son finally moved her into the home with him and his wife. Once in the home she began complaining to her son about her daughter-in-law. She claimed his wife had an evil spirit plus didn't clean or cook as good as his first wife.

Mama's boy was in a dilemma. His wife eventually wanted his mother out and into another nursing home. His mother wanted the daughter-in-law to become his third ex-wife. After over two years of domestic hell between the three, the mother finally was placed in another nursing home. However, she insisted that her son visit her everyday. The mother-in-law would often call their house and complain about her mistreatment at her new nursing home.

After six months of complaining, the son moved his mother back into the home with him and his wife. Six months later my cousin filed for divorce. The moral of the story is to make your spouse a priority and all outsiders, outsiders. Mark 10:7 - A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife.

African American news from Pasadena - Religion - Richard O. Jones and Oxy and Keke - Marriage and In-Laws

[Richard O. Jones is a poet, clean comedian, author of nine books and creator of Ox and Donkey Relationships Cards for couples in crisis (www.oxanddonkeyrelationcards.com).  To email Richard O. Jones: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .]



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