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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - sports writing changes - Sterling, LeBron and moreMore Than I Can Handle!

I can remember when writing these Articles was a simple, straight forward task. There were a few games being played and some athlete was getting married, while another was getting divorced. This was something that I thought that I could handle. Suddenly, everything has changed.

The tsunami of events started when the tape recording of Donald T. Sterling was released to the public. He received a lifetime ban from the NBA, and he was ordered to sell the Clippers to the highest bidder. Simple enough and the selling process began. Then, he changed his mind, but his wife did not, and she has received an offer of $2 billion for the team. At that point, Mr. Sterling decides that he wants to continue ownership of the team. Then, surprise of surprises, we learned that Mr. Sterling had been declared mentally incompetent by two prominent doctors. So, doing what he does best, he has taken the entire matter to Court.

While this matter is working its way through the legal system, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony opt out of their contracts and become Free Agents. Several of the NBA teams are trying to sign one of them, or both, to contracts for next year. Nearly everyone has an opinion as to which team they should join and why. It is not a simple matter, since every team in the NBA has a limit as to how much it can pay its players.

Both James and Anthony have indicated that they want the maximum salary allowed under the present NBA rules. So, some of the teams are trying to find ways to dump salaries in their efforts to pursue these star athletes. I just noticed that the last names of these two great athletes are usually the first names of most people. Forgive me for that. However, consider James LeBron and Anthony Carmelo, to see what I mean.

There is a national guessing game as to where each of them will go and the reasons for their decisions. From the rumors that I have heard, it appears that James will stay with the Heat, or go home and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The rumors also indicate that Anthony will remain with the New York Knicks, unless the Lakers can convince him to join them.

While this national guessing game is consuming much of the public's attention, the World Cup is being played in Brazil. These games have had a much greater television audience than almost anyone had anticipated. As for me, I have found them to be mesmerizing. In the past, I thought they were silly because many of the games ended without any scoring. So, I could not understand why anyone would want to watch them play.

It seemed to me that you could get the same amount of entertainment by watching paint dry. However, I have learned to appreciate the skill and dedication required if one is to become a world-class soccer player. Also, at this point, I am predicting that Germany will win the World Cup. Also, I feel that Colonel Clink would have done a better job of coaching the Team from the United States. When your Goal Tender has to make a record-breaking 16 Saves, then your team needs much better coaching.

So, in my allotted space, I tried to deal with the Sterling's, James, Anthony, and the World Cup. It ought to be clear that I can use a lot of help.

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