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God's Health Care Initiative

African American news from Pasadena - God's Health InitiativeWebster's defines initiative as "a readiness and ability in commencing action".  With this in mind and while the federal government is busy these days exercising its power to introduce new legislative measures to reorganize the nation's health care system, I wonder how many of us who are believers have given any thought to doing anything else besides waiting around for a group of folks who appear to be out of touch with the root cause for the necessity to  reform health care in the first place, which is  apathy.      Apathy; the lack of concern, indifference and straight out laziness on several fronts - The government, for failing to regulate the insurance companies and themselves!  The insurance companies, who have traded a culture of providing a quality middleman service to the medical industry and consumers for one that reeks of greed and exorbitant profits; and last but not least, consumers who through apathy allow these entities the luxury of raking us over the coals.

The biggest offense however is how costly this state of apathy is in terms of its toll on human lives.  I don't know the numbers (as have been complied by experts), and I'm not going to take the time to research right now how many the number of lives are that are negatively impacted by this mess we find ourselves in - the results are self-evident. What I will take the time to do is to offer a Godly remedy.    

The Bible states that "our bodies are not our own" and that "we are bought with a price." If this is true than perhaps the best thing we can do is turn our focus to the fact that we alone are responsible for the care and maintenance of our bodies health, and that God deserves much better than what too many of us are offering him as a dwelling place.  Our bodies, His Temple!  See 1Corinthians 6:20,21.

Perhaps, just maybe, observing the issue from this perspective will allow the believer to overcome this life threatening disease called apathy when we discipline ourselves to recognize that it's not us we're failing when we allow such permissiveness with our health and health care system, but it is God and His Word that we fail when we exercise such lack of concern, indifference and  laziness.

And guest what; the Government, the insurance companies and the health care industry will have to follow suit, why?  Because when we get healthy, they have to get healthy in order to stay viable.  They'll have to start creating systems that cater to servicing a healthy population and not an unhealthy one.  Don't believe me?  You make the change and let's see what happens.

Mary Christmas!  And from this point on, So glorify God in your body!

If you're not active exercise wise, remember to start slow and build from where you are; and see a Dr. first if you have any level of a health challenge.       

Well that's all my time for this time; if this subject interests you, please join me next time when I'll share more regarding the awesome benefits of getting and being fit, God's way!

[Derrick is a licensed & ordained minister and graduate of Azusa World Ministry's Ministry Training Institute, as well as an AMF Certified Fitness Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, and owner of His Cross Training Fitness.  You can contact him at (626) 524-5125 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .]


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