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The Black Caucus Needs to Think Before They Speak!

African American news from Pasadena - An Elder Speaks:  Dr. Rosie MilliganPresident Obama inherited a house with a leaking roof, eaten up by termites. Let’s give him a chance to repair it. Blacks need to stop attacking President Obama regarding the joblessness of Blacks. The employment status of Blacks did not just get bad since the election of President Obama. Blacks must make business ownership, employing Blacks in Black businesses, and supporting Black businesses a top priority. Jobs come from businesses. What part of this do our Black leaders and politicians not understand?

Examine these facts: Most of our Black politicians have been in office thirty years-plus. The Black Caucus has been in existence a long time. And on their clock, under their watch, and during their administration, Blacks have fallen behind every race—in joblessness, literacy, and health challenges/disparity. Where have they been? Is it President Obama’s job to fix all? Most of the problems that Americans face should be dealt with at the local, state, and federal levels by the people that we vote for to represent us, speak for us, and look out for our welfare. Now that all eyes are on America, everybody is playing the blame game. Well, I say, let’s all look into the mirror!

Let’s stop attacking and showcasing in newspapers and press conferences as dressed-up mannequins and go about the business of helping to create businesses so that Blacks can have a place of employment. Make no mistake about it all—ethnic groups prefer working with their own cultural groups and will hire their own first. Don’t take my word—the proof is in the employment records.
Stop acting like cry babies, throwing tantrums, and pity parties.

Stop complaining and start doing something productive, like holding meetings in your districts with all the different ethnic groups and gather their input on their challenges, needs, and solicit their input on how they can help to get things fixed. After all, every ethnic group has different issues and concerns. News conferences will not change a thing. They only place the spotlight on Blacks all over the world so that they are seen as poor and helpless. We need closed doors conferences.

Our people must improve in the areas of literacy, vocational education, and business ownership. It’s time that we see the big picture and the truth about how other races feel about us. It’s not about them liking us or not liking us. It’s about self-preservation, and that’s a natural thing to be concerned about.

It’s time to take a new direction and move from social issues to OWNERSHIP ISSUES. Now that I have you thinking, name the Black-owned businesses that YOU patronized last year.

More next time. I am your elder. I have seen it from the Mississippi Bottom to Watts, California, and I know what I am talking about. I will continue to bring you the naked truth, and I know what I am talking about. I will continue to bring you the named truth, and it is the truth that will make us free. Get angry if you must, but when you get past being angry, get up and do what you need to do—SAVE THE CHILDREN—LEAVE THEM IN A BETTER POSITION, AS OUR GRANDPARENTS DID FOR US. With much love to you!

[Dr. Rosie Milligan—business consultant; author, newest release: Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Web site: www.Drrosie.com. Dr. Milligan hosts a live Internet radio talk show every Tuesday 10–11 a.m. Pacific Time. To listen go to www.Drrosie.com and click on Listen Live! Phone number: 323-750-3592.]

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