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Warning Letter From An Elder

African American news from Pasadena - Dr. Rosie Milligan CommentaryDear African-Americans, Negroes, Colored People, and Blacks,

The light of hope had faded within many Blacks. Then, many were able to see a sparkle when Obama was elected the first African-American president of the United States of America. What does having a Black president mean to Blacks? The following are responses to a survey I conducted:  1) It means that my son can one day become president.  2) It means that Americans are now color-blind.  3) It means that more doors will be opened to Blacks.  4) It means that Blacks will be respected more all over the world.

FACT: President Obama being president gives false hope to Blacks. Don’t think that just because he is president that we have it “made in the shade.” It doesn’t work that way.

FACT: We should aspire to have Black children learn to read, become bilingual, and pursue a trade, career, or vocation where doors are opened to them based on their skills and not the color of their skin or from which side of the tracks they are from. We should steer our children to become business owners versus job seekers and beggars. We must lead by example, by letting our children see us going out of the way to do business with Black people.

Let me tell you what President Obama can NOT do for YOU: He cannot make employers hire you. He can’t stop police from profiling you. He cannot change images that the media and movies portray about you. He cannot change the lyrics or the words rappers write for and about you. He cannot change the disparity in the healthcare system for you. He cannot make other races like, want to be around you, or respect you. He cannot make you shop or do business with other Blacks. He cannot make your wealthy Black men and women marry Blacks. He cannot make you invest in Black businesses versus Wall Street. He cannot make you get a Living Trust so you can leave all your estate to your family versus having your estate go into probate where it is eaten up by court and legal fees and having your family members fall out with one another. He cannot make the schools provide schoolbooks for your children. He cannot make you attend your child’s school conference. He cannot make your children’s fathers participate in their lives. He cannot make you stop preventing your kid’s daddy to be a part of their lives. He cannot stop you from turning your head the other way when you suspect or know your child is in a gang or is selling drugs.

Let me tell you what President Obama can NOT do for your CHILDREN: He cannot make them watch less television. He cannot teach your children to read. He cannot make your kids pull their pants up. He cannot stop your kids from singing dirty and disrespectful rap songs. He cannot stop your gangbanging kids from banging and killing each other. He cannot stop your kids from selling drugs.

These are just a few of the things that President Obama can NOT do for you. I believe that Obama becoming president was a move of God to neutralize the hate and destruction of the American people. I need you to settle down, take out your pen and paper, and tell me the things he can do for you and your children.

[Dr. Rosie Milligan—business consultant; author, newest release: Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Web site: www.Drrosie.com. Dr. Milligan hosts a live Internet radio talk show every Tuesday 10–11 a.m. Pacific Time.  To listen go to www.Drrosie.com and click on Listen Live! Phone number: 323-750-3592.]

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