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African American news -  sports watching and wonderingAN OPEN LETTER TO MIKE GARRETT!

As a fellow Trojan, I am pleased to acknowledge that you have become the greatest Athletic Director to ever serve at USC. When you took over this job, both the basketball and football teams were in chaos. The second coming of John Robinson had not worked out well, and when you replaced him with Paul Hackett, things didn't get any better. At that point, things didn't look good for you, and honesty compels me to admit that I was one of your critics.

Then you brought in Pete Carroll. At the time that you signed him, he appeared to be just another big mistake waiting to happen. Happily for all of us, you were right, and we were wrong. The sustained excellence of Trojan football has propelled it into a leadership position in collegiate athletics.

On your watch, the Galen Center was built. It is a beautiful basketball venue, conveniently located in the center of Los Angeles. Until this Center was built, it would have been difficult for you to hire one of the top basketball coaches. That is no longer true, and you hired Kevin O'Neill, who is a good enough coach to get more out of this team, than anyone thought was possible. So, I don't have a problem with him. However, at one of those rare occasions when UCL basketball is down, there is an opportunity for the Trojans to become a dominant power on the West Coast.

I am strongly suggesting that you hire Lorenzo Romar away from the Washington Huskies. He is happy there, since his team is in the Sweet 16. However, he has strong roots in this area, and no one wants to live in Washington, because it rains all the time. Therefore, please let me encourage you to get a contract, and a trunk full of money, and that you then sign Romar to a long-term contract. If you do, Trojan basketball tickets will become some of the hottest commodities in this town, and every game will be a sellout. Right now, even the local television stations often refuse to show USC Basketball Games. This in intolerable! In addition, when the time of the Big Dance arrives every year, we will be in it, with a chance to win it. Trojans who blazed the trail for us, and those who are yet to be born, are all hoping that you will move decisively. Thanks for your time. Fight On!


I want to tell you where I stand; I have missed watching Tiger Woods play golf. I absolutely wish that he had held himself to higher standards in his personal conduct, and I know that he now does as well. He is expected to play in the April 8-11 Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club, in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be one of the largest media events ever, possibly rivaling Pres. Obama's Inauguration. Polls have shown that most of the fans are hoping that Woods will succeed, and they also hope that his family will stay together. A Hollywood ending would be that Woods would win the Masters, and then join his wife, mother and children, who would be waiting for him at the 18th hole. Will this happen? Is this too much to expect? We will find out in April.

The Women's Basketball Teams do not give us much to cheer about either, since only UCLA and San Diego State will represent Southern California. Clearly, except for USC football, the college athletic programs in this area need some kind of Stimulus Package. Perhaps we can get President Obama to come up with one.

I don't know how they did it, but the University of Connecticut has become the UCLA of Women's Basketball. They are undefeated with a record of 33-0. They don't just defeat their opponents, they obliterate them. While there is always an opportunity for an upset there doesn't really seem to be much of a chance that anyone will stop this juggernaut.

It was amusing to read that former former Dodger President Jamie McCourt had long-term aspirations of becoming President of the United States. Too many people in this area, both she and her husband are charisma challenged. They did have a great deal of celebrity, since they were the owners of the Dodgers. However, I don't think that either of them would ever have won any kind of popularity contest among Angelenos. I have also heard that they were not especially popular in Boston either.

The Lakers and Clippers are continuing to do what they do best. The Lakers win; the Clippers lose. That is just the way of the world, and nothing apparently will ever change it.

The Williams sisters, bless their little hearts, refused to play tennis at Indian Wells. They were criticized for signing, and then not playing there in the year 2001 that was a long time ago, and they need to get over themselves.

Finally, please allow me to pay a belated tribute to the late Dodgers outfielder Willie Davis. He was a big star here and he won 13 Gold Gloves. He has largely been forgotten about, as were many of his contemporaries. There were not many opportunities for those ex-athletes, just a few years ago. They were great then, that the world has largely forgotten about them. Do you remember any of their names?
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