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African American news - Sports Commentary - John Randolph RogersLast Monday my tiny brain went into Sensory Overload. There were more things going on, then it could handle, so it just stopped doing anything. It was trying to deal with the Tiger Woods Press Conference, the Duke-Butler Championship Game, and the Season Openers for both the Angels and Dodgers. There was lots of other stuff going on as well, but I was already so overwhelmed, that it did not matter.

I watched the Woods Press Conference, and I thought that he made the best of a very bad situation. The public had heretofore held him in such high esteem, that this had to be one of the toughest moments of his life. Even  though his wounds were self-inflicted, he still had to deal with the humiliation and the pain. Not only has he been reckless in his personal behavior, he had needlessly and stupidly risked his and his family's health to infection by incurable diseases. What could he say? To his credit he, he did take the responsibility for his behavior, he then apologized, and he then said that he would try to do better. His fans and friends are hoping that will be the case. Welcome back Tiger, and may you live up to your stated ideals. You have the best wishes of the majority of the people in the world.

Black news - sports commentary on Butler-Duke basketball game and more

The game between Butler and Duke was one of the most exciting that I have ever seen. Most of the people that I know were hoping for rooting for Butler. I happen to be an admirer of Coach K, but I wanted very badly for Duke to lose the game. Butler with Brad Stevens, their brilliant, baby faced coach, had captured the imagination of sports fans all over the world. He was coaching a team from a small, relatively unknown school.

His great athletes were also good students, and they were able to attend classes on Monday morning since the location of the game was only 6 miles away from Butler University itself.

Late in the game, one of the Butler players scored on a short jump shot. However, the officials ruled that he was guilty of a charging foul against the Duke player who was guarding him. The television replay showed that the Duke player was not fouled. The basket was disallowed. This incident sent my mind back to the game in 1995 between Duke University and the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV. The Rebels were coached by Jerry Tarkanian, and they were considered to be an outlaw team by the NCAA. There had been attempts made to have the Rebels banned from the Tournament, but those were unsuccessful and UNLV now had Duke in their headlights. As I recall, Greg Anthony made a 10 foot jump shot which gave the Rebels a four-point lead with about two minutes to play. Duke legend Bobby Hurley was attempting to guard him. The officials called a foul on the play, and to my astonishment, they called the foul on Anthony. So, they took away the two points, and since this was Anthony's fifth foul, he had to be removed from the game. Hurley was awarded two free throws, and he made them both to tie the game. UNLV ultimately lost, and I have been unable to forget that game.

It just may be that my mind was playing tricks on me, but I do not think so. It was my opinion then, as it is now, that the NCAA did all that it could to see that the Runnin' Rebels did not win. I do not think that Duke was part of any conspiracy, but I did feel that they were the unwitting beneficiary.

That game was about 15 years ago, so any Statue of Limitations would have run out. Therefore, I would like to see Maury Povich, or someone like him, give a public Lie Detector Test to all of the Officials of that game. The question would be, "Did you do anything, or were you aware of any attempts to keep the Rebels from willing the game?"  That would be interesting, must see television. As the years have passed, Greg Anthony has become one of the top television basketball analyst's. I know that he remembers the game, and I have often wondered what his recollections are, but I never got around to asking him. I now plan to do so. Maybe this is all a figment of my imagination.

I will be glued to the television set watching Tiger Woods this weekend. He has not played competitively for nearly 6 months, so we might expect that his game will not be as good as we hope. Yet, with him, you just never know. That is why I will just have to watch.

Kobe Bryant signed a three-year extension with the Lakers for around $90 million. This cements his legacy as one of the game's greatest stars, and certainly one of its unhappiest.

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