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Publisher's Note: Supreme Court Displays its Racism in the Voting Rights Act

The United States Supreme Court in its decision to turn back the rights of all American to vote, written by Justice Scalia, in one fell swoop, turned back the clock on equality. Scalia essentially wrote that since the Senate and the Congress don't have the fortitude to pass laws returning America to the era of legal discrimination against minorities. The court's majority would do it for them. Clarence Thomas who benefitted from Affirmative Action took great joy in joining Scalia and the majority in turning back the clock.

The Court did not stop Affirmative action, yet, but took away the right to vote for all citizens. Texas and Mississippi officially re-instituted laws previously determined to be discriminatory against Blacks and Latinos and their right to vote. John Lewis called the decision a tragedy.

The court, as though acting in a fever to change America before the next election, appears to be working to destroy the Civil Rights we gained in the 1960's and 1970's. There will be dark days ahead!



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