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A Tale of Two Zimmermans

Black news from Pasadena - Commentary - GinaMarie Zimmerman and George Zimmerman alikeYou don't have to use the n-word to be a racist. Two infamous individuals who happen to share the same last name (though they are not related) provide a revealing glimpse into the mind of white folks who fear and look down upon black people.

GinaMarie Zimmerman, the second Big Brother houseguest exposed recently for using racist slurs, was blatant in her bigotry. Mere hours after TMZ reported that Texas model Aaryn Gries had been dumped by her agency for making anti-black, anti-Asian and anti-gay comments into the Big Brother microphones, news broke that Zimmerman had described welfare as "nigger insurance" on Big Brother's live internet feed. The 32-year-old pageant coordinator got fired from her day job after spewing that bigoted filth. (Props to East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. for giving Zimmerman the boot!)

But the deadly actions of another notorious Zimmerman demonstrate that racism can run deep, even when a person avoids using the foulest of racist words. George Zimmerman never called Trayvon Martin a "nigger," but he might as well have. It seems clear that before he fatally shot the unarmed black teen, Zimmerman decided that Martin was a dangerous criminal because he was black.

When he called 911, Zimmerman never described any suspicious behavior on Martin's part (he told the dispatcher that the 17-year-old was "walking about" and "looking at all the houses"). But Zimmerman went out of his way to tell the emergency operator that Martin was black. The first time he mentioned race was after he was asked for a description. Okay, that was legit. But the second time was unnecessary and then revealed Zimmerman's bias. He threw in the racial reference without being asked, apparently to reinforce his claim that Martin was a threat. Zimmerman told the 911 operatior: "He's got his hand in his waistband. And he's a black male."

"And he's a black male." Turner's Two Cents Interpretation: He's a black male and we all know that black males are all a bunch of violent criminals.

GinaMarie Zimmerman and George Zimmerman used different language but they are two of a kind. One of them called us "niggers." The other avoided the n-word, but apparently acted out of the belief that black men are inherently dangerous. George and GinaMarie share more than the same last name; it seems that they share the same evil attitude of white racial superiority that has victimized people of color in America and around the world for centuries.

Thanks for listening. I'm Cameron Turner and that's my two cents.

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