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Killing A President

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Radical rights want President Obama deadNews Flash! John Wilkes Booth shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln on Friday, April 14, 1865, five days after General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses Grant in the Civil War. Lee was part of a larger conspiracy to win America for the confederacy.

On Friday, November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald Shot and killed President John Kennedy, just before the passing of the Civil Rights bill. Kennedy was known for support of Dr. Martin Luther King's movement to gain Civil Rights for Black America and during his years as a senator leading up to the 1960 election, there were events that forced him to deal with the Civil Rights of African Americans. Those events began with the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling by the United States Supreme Court. Then, in 1955, the country was exposed to Southern violence with the brutal murder of Emmet Till in Mississippi and his mother requiring an open casket so the world could see how brutal Americans could be.

Also in 1955, Rosa Parks sat down on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, refusing to get up for a White man, and the Civil Rights wars were on. In 1956 Autherine Lucy required the National Guard to get her into the University of Alabama. Kennedy supported the Freedom Riders by sending in the Federal Marshals to Alabama, when things got completely out of hand.

In 1960, when Dr. King was in jail in Alabama, Bobby Kennedy made calls to a judge in Alabama and a call to Mrs. King. The results were that King was let out of jail two days later. President Kennedy responded by presenting a Civil Rights Bill to Congress, in September, 1963. Three months later, he was dead from an assassin's bullet in Texas.

We have all worried about the life of our first Black president and many have wondered how long it would take to kill him. There have been many plots and attempts but what we had not counted on was the Secret Service would fall down on their jobs and make it easy for someone to kill him. I know that as a Christian we are to pray and not worry. The two things are seemingly inconsistent. Even Jesus asked the Father to let this cup pass. So those of us who are concerned pray that it is God's will to allow him to serve out his term with no harm coming to him and his family. We know it was God's will that he allowed him to become president. (What God ordains will succeed.)

With all of our prayers and worry we would never have believed that while Lincoln was killed in a theater, and Kennedy was killed in Texas, away from Washington, they would try to assassinate the President in the White House. Today's would–be assassins are bolder and want to kill him and, potentially, the first family, in the White House.

As of now, we have all heard that since 2011 an assassin with a weapon has got to the White House near the living quarters of the first family three times. Thank God the first family had either left for Camp David, five minutes earlier, or otherwise spared. Maybe that is why the radical right-wingers get so upset when the President goes on vacation. I've always heard that it is hard to hit a moving target. Well, Mr. President keep moving, and you might want to get some people who love you and get rid of some of those Secret Service guards, then add some of the Black Panthers and/or the Fruit of Islam.

They lied about what happened before, in 2011, and later on, and now that it has happened again. The news was that the assigned killer got into the White House entry only. However we now discover that the assigned killer got into the green room - only steps from the living quarters of the President and first family. Later, we learned someone shot seven bullets into the White House and no investigation. Sounds like what happened in Memphis with Dr. King in 1968, when the Black guards were sent home. Why?

We all know that the radical right want him dead. We want him to live and share what has really happened while living in that great house. The information shared would mentor another Black president and first lady and first Latino to represent this great country. And so we will keep praying while the Secret Service either does their job, get exposed, and get fired and replaced.




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