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Department of Transportation and Pasadena Police Step Up Traffic Enforcement Around Schools


Motorists need to be extra cautious around Pasadena's public schools and police will be watching to make sure they are. That's the simple, but important, message the Pasadena Department of Transportation and Pasadena Police want to communicate with part of a $250,000 federal grant.

The Federal Safe Routes to School Program provides grants to local jurisdictions to pay for efforts to teach children about getting to school safely, and for special traffic enforcement activities in school zones. The grant provides funding for overtime pay to conduct these special enforcement activities.

Starting March 7, Pasadena Police will be on the lookout near schools for drivers who speed, fail to yield to pedestrians, are using cell phones or who are distracted for any other reasons.

For more information, contact traffic engineer Alberto Felix at (626) 744-7662.