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Quilting Class
Mar.27.2012 - Apr.07.2012 10.00AM - 01.00PM


No matter what your skill level, you are sure to learn new tips and techniques in quilting and crochet. This class will provide instruction on how to shop for fabric and make your quilting projects affordable.

Instructor provides: cutting board, ironing board, rotary cutters, and quilt rulers.

Student must provide: sewing machine, scissors, quilting pins, yarn, and J or K hooks.

Held at Robinson Park, 1081 N Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena CA 91103 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Adult Class: Saturdays or Tuesdays.

Registration Fee: $50.00 for a ten-week session.

Registration Dates:  Spring 2012: 3/19/12- 4/7/12.  Class starts April 3rd & 7th.

For More Information Contact:  Mike Reed (626)744-7501