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Mr. President, maybe it’s time to bring Reverend Jeremiah Wright back!

In the midst of the Presidential campaign white conservatives ridiculed president Obama for attending a church where one of the pastor's messages quoted him saying instead of, "God Bless America", he said, "God Damn America." With the conservatives lying about the President's health program and calling him a Nazi, Socialist, and of not being born in America, maybe Reverend Wright was right in his criticism of America. At least he was right when talking about the conservative wing of America. They are damming America!

The conservatives are the same White folks who said Black folks were only part human and taught us that slavery was ok and needed to wait on freedom. Then more recently they lied us into a war in Iraq, tortured detainees and abused prisoners, gave away the national treasury by giving no-bid contracts to friends and business associates of Dick Chaney at Haliburton, and let the Chocolate City of New Orleans drown, misplaced pallets of shrinkwrapped cash in Iraq, fired federal prosecutors who wouldn't prosecute Democrats, followed politicians like Tom Delay who gerrymandered Texas to make sure that Black folks votes wouldn't count and followed a culture of corruption, taking money for favors from lobbyists like Jack Abramoff.

The Republicans praise Ronald Reagan who, like George Bush, played the race card by starting his national career in Philadelphia, Mississippi where Schwerner, Goodman and Cheney were killed during the Civil Rights era. Then Reagan put the mentally ill on the streets to save money while he re-designed the White House. The Reaganites pretend to hate government saying that the government is the problem while they themselves serve as the government and intentionally "misgovern" while practicing greed and selfishness. They destroyed the regulatory arm of the government, cut taxes for the rich, destroyed the school system and then blamed the victims of their misgovernment. With liberals, the people are their constituency. With conservatives, big business is their constituency, and that is who they serve at the expense of the rest of us.

So Mr. President, it is good to go talk to Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, but bring back Rev. Wright so that you can visit the truth as you try to be bipartisan. Ask yourself if you really want to be at the party with scoundrels and thugs of the highest order. Doesn't the Bible say sit not in the council of the ungodly?


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