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After Trayvon and Jordan, Who's Next?

African American news from Pasadena - News - After Trayvon and Jordan, who's next?Emmett Till, Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and you can fill in the blank for the next young Black man to be shot or to die for being Black and having justice delayed or denied. Their crime, being Black! You might say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, one walking home with a hoodie on, having skittles, and looking threatening, the other, playing music too loud, driving while Black.

Here we go again. Another grieving mother over the senseless killing of another Black child, and watching another case where, as one person said, "justice was on vacation". Oh yes, we can justify the stand your ground law being confusing, but it is confusing on purpose, but it is not confusing at all for White Supremacists like George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn. For Dunn and Zimmerman, the law is the same as it has been since Blacks arrived on America's shores. It's the same as when President Andrew Johnson opposed the creation of the Freedman's Bureau to help Blacks rise from slavery. It's the same as when Andrew Johnson opposed the Civil Rights bill of his day and Former U.S. Representative Ron Paul would oppose today.

Most Americans are fair and just people. However, the people who have the most money and control are the problem. A major example is that 80 percent of the people in America want some type of gun control, if nothing more than gun registration and control on the number of bullets a gun can shoot or that a person can buy. On the contrary, the NRA (National Rifle Association) funds politicians who support laws that allow the uncontrolled sale of guns. Those guys win elections, not because of good policies, but because of being able to buy more advertising. When they win, Americans buy more guns and NRA members make more money. When they win, they make laws that support their position and create more laws like laws that promote "stand your ground."

The essence of the stand your ground law is that if you have a fight/argument, even if you started it, and you can convince a jury that you reasonably believed your life was in danger, you can kill the other person, and go home. It helps if one guy is Black because of the myth that Black men are inherently dangerous. These laws have led white supremacists to the belief that they can kill young Black men and "get off."

I was struck by the statement of a young Floridian who said that these things are happening because Florida never loved Blacks. I can't help but remind America of what Tina said when she asks "What's love got to do with it?" Just give us what Aretha demanded, "Respect".

Over the next few weeks and months, we must all work to change the laws that would deny us justice in the courts, justice in the schools, and justice at the ballot box. We are not alone. We must remember that Florida and the U.S. Supreme Court gave us George W. Bush. In Exchange, George W. Bush gave us two wars to get even for something someone said was about his dad. That led to the worst economic conditions since the great depression in 1929.

We must all work together to get back to where we were before "the Bushes" got in. Lest we forget, it was daddy Bush who gave us the international embarrassment of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court. The point here is that the Bushes hurt America, not just Black America. While Dunn and Zimmerman killed a couple of us and the fool who went into the kindergarten classes at Sandy Hook killed twenty children in one outburst of violence, our Republican Congress is doing nothing!

We must support the North Carolina Moral Mondays Movement to guarantee our right to vote while we support laws to change gun access and support the abolition of Stand Your Ground laws, funded by the right wing Republican Tea Party and America's racist billionaires trying to buy America.



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