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African American news from Pasadena - Sports commentary on Metta World Peace, Andrew Bynum, Matt Kemp and more.Dear Readers,

There are days when I don't know what I should write. There are so many things that are happening that I can't cover them all. It is like walking into a buffet with 20 of your favorite foods, but you only have 30 minutes of time available. What to do? What to write?

I am not whining and saying that this is hard to do, but the truth of the matter is, that this is not always easy for me. Since my article is published weekly, you already know the scores of all of the games. So I can't write about that. You learn about the trades, and other such matters, as soon as I do. So, I start each article by simply staring at the blank page for a while, hoping that something or someone will guide me, as I try to put some ink on it. That activity is something like waiting for the dishes to wash themselves.

Then, once I am past that hurdle, I think about the unbelievable things that have just happened. The Clippers were trailing the Grizzlies by 24 points with 8 minuites and 54 seconds remaining in the game. That is the usual information that you would expect to get for me, and it is normally what I plan to write. However, as unbelievable as it may sound, the Clippers actually rallied and won the game. They now believe they can win the four-game series. What is happening in the world?

As expected, the Miami Heat defeated the New York Knicks in the second game of their Playoff Series by a score of 104-94. They now have a 2-0 lead in the series, and it is anticipated that they will make this a four-game sweep. That is the kind of normal stuff. What is unusual is that Amare Stoudermire, their $100 million player, was so disappointed with the loss that he punched a fire extinguisher. To be more explicit, he punched the glass covering the it. This turned out not to be one of his best ideas, since this activity left him with severe cuts on his right hand. The doctors stopped the bleeding, bandaged his hand, and put his arm in a sling. At this point, it does not appear that he will be able to play anymore this season, not that it would've mattered, since with or without him, they are certain to lose to Miami. It does prove that you do not get as much value in today's market for $100 million, as you did in the past.

At this point, all of the unusual things have happened, right? Wrong! Out of the blue, I learned that one of the heroes in the Lakers victory over the Nuggets, Jordan Hill, is being charged with a third-degree felony. He was traded to the Lakers this year by the Houston Rockets. He came off of the bench and made a major contribution in the team's triumph on Sunday. Then it turns out that he had an altercation with his girlfriend in Houston on February 29, 2012. Among other things, he is accused of attempting to strangle her. If they proceed with this case, he may have to stand trial in Houston. If he is convicted, his maximum sentence could be 10 years. Ordinarily, he might be able to make a financial settlement with her and have the charges dropped. I don't know whether or not that can be done in Texas. You cannot make this stuff up, no matter how much effort you put into it.

It seems that it is in Metta World Peace's DNA to always be in some kind of trouble. He is currently on a seven-game suspension for using his elbow to hit another player in the head. So, while he is on suspension, he is busy tweeting messages to one and all. It is just a matter of time before he sends a tweet that gets him into trouble, and possibly another suspension. Mr. Peace has clearly demonstrated that he has a lack of mental stability. He can minimize the damage that he can do to himself by having the good judgment not to send any tweets to anyone.

OK, it is time for me to cut to the chase. The San Antonio Spurs will win the NBA Championship this year. They have three superstars, plus they have seven strong bench players. They are the most rested team, and the most disciplined. They also have the smartest and most experienced head coach. They will take the Miami Heat in six games. If that does not happen, please forget that I wrote this.

ANDREW BYNUM had a great game against the Nuggets. He is an enormously talented athlete. However, I am going to restrain my optimism for what he will do next, until he maintains a consistent performance over several games. There are times when he exhibits very immature behavior.

MATT KEMP has already hit 12 home runs, and his league-leading batting average, entering May, is 417. Despite all of their off the field problems, and there have been many of them, the Dodgers are leading the National League. On the other hand, the Angels signed Albert Puljos to a guaranteed 10 year, $250 million contract. He started the season in a slump, and he still has not hit his first home run this season. Are the Angels worried? You can bet your life they are!

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