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John Randolph RogersIt is interesting that Terrell Owens now has his own reality television show. Despite public condemnation, there seems to be a reward for continued and consistent bad behavior. NFL player Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals seems to be trying to do the same thing. His uniform number is 85, and he has changed his name to go to Ocho Cinco, which is 85 in Spanish. He had been a real troublemaker for the last two or three years, so keep your eyes open for his television show. I am predicting that Mike Singletary will be a very successful coach for the San Francisco 49ers. He is a tough, no-nonsense guy, who insists that the players always give them their best effort. When I listen to him talk, I am very much reminded of the talks given by Vince Lombardi. So, 49er fans should keep their hopes alive.

For the first time, in a long time, Tiger Woods did not make the cut in a golf match. His early exit was a surprise, since he had just won his last tournament, and he was playing on a course that seemed to be tailor-made for his game. This sudden loss proves how difficult golf is, and how uncertain the outcomes can be. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Tiger the next time out.

It appears that Lamar Odom and his Agent overplayed their hands. The reports were that he was offered a four-year contract by the Lakers that would pay him $36 million.

That might sound like a lot of money to you or me, but remember that Lamar had been earning $14 million a year. So, naturally he was disappointed, and that probably led to him doing a little sulking. At this point, I think that he will be more than pleased to receive any offer from the Lakers, since it is getting close to midnight.

Michael Vick has completed his prison sentence, and he would now like to resume his football career. He was involved in dog fighting, and that is a cruel and heinous activity. He reportedly got involved in doing this, when he was only eight years old.

So, as bad as dog fighting is to most people, it seemed normal to him and his friends. Dog fighting is commonly practiced in 22 of the 50 states. In addition many of the same states are plagued with Rooster fights, and other similar illegal activities.

Some years ago, I traveled to Guam and to the Philippines. There were Rooster fights in almost every village, on every weekend. In Spain, Bullfighting is still their most popular sport, and many citizens of the world are offended by the brutality of it. Vick was arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison for about two years, for his involvement in dog fighting. He had a contract for $135 million to play football in the NFL, and that was canceled. He now has to apply for permission to play football again in the NFL. They have suggested that this may be possible, if he shows remorse. This is a man who is up to his eyeballs in remorse. He has been stripped of his income, sent to prison, and he is considered a pariah by many citizens of this country. He has paid his debt. Without a doubt, he is as remorseful as any human being can be. It is time for society and the NFL to allow him another opportunity to earn a living. He should be able to do that without getting on his knees in public, and gouging his eyes out.

So far, there is no news on the Lamar Odom front. He is still dangling out there without a contract offer from any team in the NBA. This must be a revolting development for him. A few years ago, everybody wanted him, and now no one does. This can't be easy on his psyche. However it is something that he brought onto himself. His fans should not worry too much, because some team will sign him for probably more than $7 million a year. When you look at the big picture, and consider the economic condition in the world, this is not all that bad. Also, some advice to Lamar, wherever you play next year, give a real effort in some of the games.
Coming out of college Grant Hill was one of the best prospects that the NBA ever had. He was a great player, a great student, and a great person. There was ‘can't miss' written all over him. Unfortunately, he wound up having a serious injury in almost every season that he played. He then sat out of basketball altogether for a year or two. Then he came back and played brilliantly last season for the Phoenix Suns. His contract for next year is in the $2-$3 million range. He's still such a great player that, if I was in charge, I would have given him a contract for about $5 million. If he does not suffer an injury next year, he'll be worth about 15 million. If he does have one, then he will not be worth much. If it was up to me, I would roll the dice and bet on Hill. He could still be great, and most of us don't think that the Lakers will ever get much from Walton, Vujacic, Morrison, et al.

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