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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Rose Bowl, Robert Griffin III, basketball, Heisman Trophy...THE ROSE BOWL - Stanford will be playing the University of Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. David Shaw is Stanford's head football coach, and he will be the first African American to coach a Rose Bowl Team. In order to get to this assignment, Stanford had to beat an extremely tough UCLA team, last Friday. Jonathan Franklin, UCLA's great running back did everything that he could in his attempt to earn the victory for the Bruins, and he almost did. UCLA did not win, but they can be proud of their effort.

Shaw is a graduate of Stanford, and this is his second year as their head coach. He received the position, when his predecessor left to become the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

Some local fans will be disappointed that the Bruins did not make it this year. However, local businesses will be happy since both Stanford and Wisconsin will have large traveling parties. So, let the good times roll!

Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Standford coach, David Shaw, and more

Robert Griffin III - The Sports World had been waiting for this. The Championship New York Giants in a titanic battle against the resurgent Washington Redskins. The Giants would be led by Eli Manning, the Prince of Cool. Opposing him would be Robert Griffin III, a new Prince, who is full of youth, talent, and ambition. This was Monday Night Football at its best. Howard Cosell would have loved it!

The Stadium in the Nation's Capitol was sold out long ago. The faithful and long-suffering Hogs were in their seats and finally full of hope. This might just be the night, which begins their return to glory. Certainly, they have had enough suffering and humiliation.

Then the game was on. Could it possibly live up to everyone's expectations? It could, and it did. Eli, as usual, was superb. His Fans had been concerned about RG III. This was his first big Rodeo, and the pressure on him was immense. Not to worry, he was cool, calm, and collected. The Giants showed how they had become the Champs, and how they intended to retain that position. The Redskins, on the other hand, were fighting and clawing with all their might. Not many people expected them to win, and even they must've had their own doubts.

However, this was the first time that the Giants had ever faced RG III. He was different, and better, than anyone had ever seen. There were times when they did not know whether he still had the ball, or if he had handed it off to one of his teammates. In addition, he could run faster than any quarterback that they had ever seen. Plus, he could pass the football with pinpoint accuracy.

When this mighty struggle had come to its conclusion, the Redskins had eked out a 17-16 victory. This Stadium where Doug Williams, John Riggins, and Art Monk had played was again filled with hope and optimism. The Redskins now have RG III, and right now they are happy with that.

THE LAKERS - The Team is having a tough time right now. Don't expect any immediate improvement, since their squabbles have become public. Will Dwight Howard ever learn to shoot free throws? I don't think so.

THE CLIPPERS – Looking good.

UCLA - Needs a new head basketball coach.

USC - Needs a new head basketball coach.

THE HEISMAN TROPHY - The Winner will be Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Nobody else is even close.

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