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Kobe Gets Some Advice From Uncle John

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Commentary on Kobe Bryant's lawsuit and reputationHi Kobe,

I read in the newspapers that you had filed a lawsuit against your mother, to prevent her from auctioning off some of your memorabilia. I think that I can understand how you feel about that, even though I've never had any of my own. What's at stake here are prizes and trophies that you earned with your incredible basketball talent. According to the newspaper reports, which may not be accurate, there may be as many as 900 items.

You have been a star with the Lakers for around 17 years. When you first arrived, there were many rumors that suggested that you and your parents did not get along very well. That does not make your situation unique, just more public.

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Kobe BryantWhen parents have a child who becomes richer than anyone could have imagined, it can create an awkward situation. What is the new relationship supposed to be? How much financial assistance, if any, should they expect? How much gratitude should they have, when they receive it? Are they willing to live the relatively simple lifestyle that they had previously enjoyed? Or do they now expect the best of everything?

Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut rules or guidelines. So, every family has to figure this out for themselves. My own suspicion is that even though the relationships have been strained, you have been reasonably generous with them. However, since your income is public knowledge, it would not be surprising for them to expect more than they have received.

Also, from your point of view they may not have done as much for themselves, as they have done in the past. Your father is now coaching basketball in Thailand, so it appears that he is making a real effort to be self-supporting. I do not know if your mother is employed now, or if she ever was. However, please keep in mind that she is your mother.

What I have read in the newspaper is that she wanted to buy a home in Nevada, and that she asked you for $450,000 to make the purchase. It was reported that you offered $250,000, an amount which did not satisfy her. At that point, she apparently decided to auction off some of your trophies, jerseys, rings, etc.

She is reported to have received an advance of $450,000, so that she could begin to search for the new family home. It has been reported that you have filed a lawsuit to prevent her from selling what you consider to be your property. The company which is going to conduct the auction, has filed a lawsuit in order for them to conduct it as planned.

So at this point, there are at least three sets of lawyers, and the possibility of a long, expensive lawsuit is likely. Even if you prevail legally, your legal costs are likely to exceed what the house would've cost. Also, we are talking about your parents here, and even though you're having serious disagreements, they love you and you love them. There is also likely to be a lot of love between your children and their grandparents.

There is an opportunity here for you and your parents to turn this lemon into lemonade. You probably have not seen some of these trophies in the last 17 years, and had this event not occurred, you probably would not have ever seen them again. That does not change the fact that they may be your exclusive property.

So, it could make sense for you to sit down with them, and decide which items may be auctioned, and what the terms should be. If a satisfactory arrangement could be reached, then this event could be turned into a major extravaganza.

The disagreement about the proposed auction has received enormous publicity, and now every collector in the world knows about it. So, suppose you decided to go on with it as planned. You could get huge media and financial support from all of your major sponsors. You could provide entertainment and make this an awesome event. Winning Bidders, on the higher priced items, could have the privilege of meeting and possibly dining with you. There could be a live television special to commemorate the event. This could be humongous!

Throughout your entire career, you have always been concerned about your legacy. You want to be remembered the way that Michael Jordan is. This lawsuit may do irreparable damage to it. The fans who buy your shoes will continue to do so. However, being involved in such a lawsuit could keep other sponsors from seeking your services or remove future possibilities from your reach. Your competitors, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and a few others are increasing both their likability and popularity every day. So, it is in your best interests, to find a better way to resolve the situation.

Everyone could win, you, your family, and your fans. Please think about this. Sometimes when you are angry or you feel that your family did not live up to your standards, you may forget how much you owe them. Also, when you were growing up, you never expected anything like this to happen. This can become a positive opportunity your family can build upon. It has been reported that your parent's favorite food was the Kobe steaks. So they gave you this somewhat unusual name, which you have made iconic. Have you ever wondered what would have become of you, if their favorite dish had been Sushi? Good luck to you, and I am always here to help.

As Always, Uncle John



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