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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - NBA Championship, Serena Williams, and moreCongratulations to the Heat for winning the NBA Championship. LeBron James is unquestionably the greatest basketball player in the world today. However, the Spurs did make him sweat. I hope that all of the viewers appreciated the sportsmanship of the players and coaches, after the game was over. Both teams played as hard as they could, and when it was over, they shook hands and said good night.

Doc Rivers is coming to the Clippers. Longtime fans of this woebegone team now have good reason to dance in the streets. They have some talented players, and Doc will get the best out of them. It won't be easy, because they have been allowed to do things their own way. Some of them are not in shape, and others simply did not pay any attention to what the previous coach said. Things will be different now. Doc will inspire, motivate, and if necessary; terrify some of them. They will practice harder than they have ever done before, and they will play harder and better. Some of them won't like it at first, but once they start playing for championships, they will happily buy into his system.

Donald T. Sterling is the longtime owner of the Clippers. For most of their existence, they have been a national joke. They were fodder for television comedians. Fans of the Clippers knew what suffering meant. There were some polls taken, and they showed that Sterling was the least popular person in Los Angeles. He has built a large real estate empire, and he is extraordinarily wealthy. One can conclude that this venom from local fans did bother him, since he runs many paid advertisements for himself, to show all of the good work that he does for charities. By reading those, you get the feeling that he wants to be loved.

The success of last year's team allowed sterling to bathe in the glow of his new found popularity. This kind of adulation had been reserved for the late Dr. Buss and the Lakers. Now that the new Lakers have become the old Clippers, the love of many of the fans is now available to Sterling. He is now paying a coach $7 million a year to help him get the attention that he seeks. At the moment, things look just great for him. However, for many years it seems that there was a curse hanging over this franchise. Bad things just seemed to happen to them. For all of our sakes, let us hope that the bad old days are gone forever.

Brian Shaw is the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets. This is a great opportunity for him, since he will be taking over a very talented team. In addition, Denver has the world's greatest home-court advantage, because many visiting players do not breathe well at that high-altitude. Not only do some players tire easily when they play in Denver, some of them also have hallucinations.

Shaw has long been considered one of the most intelligent of the assistant coaches. So, with his 10 years of experience in that capacity, he may turn out to be one of the best head coaches, or one of the worst. It does not appear that he was aggressively seeking a position as head coach. It made sense for him to wait around, to see if he would inherit the head coach position of the Lakers. He may also have decided not to pursue a coaching job with any team that was a perennial loser.

Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Serena WilliamsSerena Williams should be congratulated for her continued excellence as a tennis player. She should also be criticized for her continuous boorish behavior. Parents should be concerned about this, because their children will watch her, and behave as she does. Not only that, they may add their own creativity. Ms. Williams behaves the way that she does, because she can get away with it. She has chosen to live a life full of anger and rage, because she did not learn any other way to live. From her point of view, she is expressing her own independence. It is sad that her view of the world is so limited, but she has plenty of company in that regard.

Magic Johnson is one of the owners of the Dodgers. However, most of his recent attention has been on the NBA Championship Series. Now that is over, he may discover that the Dodgers desperately need his help. They do not want to face up to it, because Mattingly is such a nice man. However, he does not have the leadership skills to successfully manage a baseball team. Maybe Magic can help them find a better replacement.

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