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The Lakers are the World's Greatest Reality Show!

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Lakers - great reality showI hope that Ryan Seacrest is filming this organization, because it would be incredibly entertaining. It has everything that anyone would want in a play, or a movie, and it is so unbelievable that you could not make this up.

There is a wonderful cast of characters and all of them are fascinating in their own way. I think that top billing would have to go to a Machiavellian Zen Master, who is able to confuse and manipulate almost anyone who comes into his sphere of influence. He apparently does this for his own self gratification, and because he can. He was given the opportunity to take control of the organization again, and this was something that he desperately wanted to do.

However, it appears that he decided to play hard to get and while he was doing that, someone else got the job. Now he is simply lurking behind the scenes, pulling strings and offering unwanted and unneeded suggestions. He is now a captain without a ship, and he wants one desperately, but he will only take it if he is begged to do so. It would not be cool for him to behave any other way.

They also have a head basketball coach. He is a nice man and a good coach. However, in my judgment, he does not have the mental toughness and the street smarts to be successful in a major market. He has not yet learned that he is not required to answer every question that comes his way. He also has to demand complete control of any team that he coaches. When the going gets really tough, teams without mental discipline, usually crumble and fail.

The powers that be seem to recognize that their new head coach is not all that he should be. So, he hired Kurt Rambus to be his assistant. Rambus is well-liked by the organization and he was a dependable spear carrier on some of the Lakers Championship Teams. Everybody likes him, but he did not have a job.

Head coach Mike D'Antonio has stated that hiring Rambus was his idea. That may be true, but it feels funny. No matter what you may have heard, D'Antonio is on thin ice. If he is sent packing, then Rambus is likely to move over one seat and become the new head coach. Rambus did attempt to develop his head coaching chops by taking the job for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They did have Kevin Love, but not much else. Although the expectations of success were not high, the team quit on him and he was fired. So, he came home and he has been kind of hanging around.

The great mystery in this theatrical attraction is Kobe Bryant. He is a superstar athlete, and it is a role that has tremendous enjoyment for him. He is recovering from serious surgery on his leg and no one knows if he will ever be able to play basketball again. He is working hard and he is determined to overcome any obstacles that may be in his path. He says that he will be better than ever, but he also did not think that he would be injured in the first place.

Another issue concerning Bryant's case is his approximately $30 million annual salary. The Lakers would like to get him to take a pay cut. That approach could make sense, but Bryant's ego will make it unlikely that he will accept a cut.

Under that circumstance, he might be either traded, or leave voluntarily to join another team. If he does find himself playing for another team, his parting from the Lakers is likely to be intensely acrimonious. There just does not seem to be any way to resolve the many contradicting issues.

This upcoming drama will be both exciting and excruciating for many of the fans. However, there simply is not any way to make all of them happy. With the organization the way that it is, it is highly likely that it will become very bad, before it gets good. In my opinion, it is going to take at least three years for them to become serious contenders again. Also, if I was the one who is calling the shots, I would make Derek Fisher the head coach, with a contract similar to the one that Doc Rivers has with the Clippers. I would not pay him as much as Rivers gets, until he won a championship. Fisher is tough and smart, and he is a real leader; he also may be the only man on the planet who can stare Kobe Bryant down.

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