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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Cuban Comet Yasiel Puig and Major League BaseballIT'S TIME FOR MAURY POVICH!

I eat breakfast and lunch nearly every day in the best neighborhood restaurant in the world. It is owned by a husband-and-wife team, and they have been running this business for nearly 35 years. They are great cooks and the prices are reasonable.

They have two television sets in the restaurant, but they do not have cable. So from time to time, the patrons get to see Maury Povich. His show is very successful, although it is not universally respected. I have come to understand that he does not create the situations, but that people contact him so that they may tell their stories. After explaining the situations, each of the opponents will allow themselves to be hooked up to a Lie Detector.

In my opinion, Major League Baseball could use Maury's help. Jack Clark, a former major league baseball player, was the host of a radio show in St. Louis. He stated that he knew "for a fact that Albert Puljos had used illegal drugs during his long and illustrious career". It turns out that he did not know that for a fact, but he had received that information from someone who had been a trainer of Mr. Puljos.

Since he actually did not have the fact, Clark has been fired from his job at the radio station, and the trainer is denying that he ever gave him that information. Puljos is vehemently protesting his innocence from every rooftop. So, of the three of them, at least one is not telling the truth. From a historical point of view, I am not aware of any athlete who has been publicly accused of using illegal substances, who was not eventually found out to have been using them.

The way this scenario is likely to play out is that Clark will be sued, but the Suit will be dropped, when he makes a public apology. I believe that what he said is true, and I think the last thing that Puljos would want to do, would be to actually have a trial.

Povich could quickly help them resolve this issue. Clark, Puljos, and the Trainer could take lie detector tests on television. After their stories had been analyzed, Mauru could pick up his documents, and then identify who had told the truth, and who had not.

I'm not an expert in this area but I understand that this kind of testing is around 95 percent accurate. It is used by the FBI and the CIA, when they are looking for internal leaks, possibly trying to catch double agents. So, if it is good enough for them, it ought to be good enough for baseball.

With respect to Puljos, he played exceptionally well for the St. Louis Cardinals in his last year there. Then, two years ago the Los Angeles Angels signed him to a guaranteed 10-year contract, with a salary of $25 million per year. He is now in his second year with the Angels. In his first year in California, he did not play well. He seemed much older and slower than he had been in St. Louis. However, he does not have to worry, because the Angels are still required to pay him the entire amount due to him under the contract.

Some players have a history of playing very well when they are using illegal substances. Most of them have sub par performances, when they stop using these banned substances. Manny Ramirez is an example. I don't know how this will turn out, but I do know that I will be sick of hearing about it until it does.

African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Cuban Comet, Yasiel Puig, and Major League BaseballTHE CUBAN COMET!

Before Yasiel Puig came along, the Dodgers were simply sleepwalking through this season. They were not playing well, but they did not seem to care. Then, with his excellent play and his enthusiasm, he inspired and ignited the whole team. Suddenly, they were playing hard, and they have become almost unbeatable.

Sports fans have been trying to come up with the appropriate name for him. I submit "The Cuban Comet" for your consideration. I wish that I was more creative in this effort, but to me, it was either this or "The Cuban Cannon". When it comes to Puig, Dodger fans have two possible concerns. The first one is that he may fall in love with the bright lights of Hollywood, and then ignore his baseball career. The other is that he will sign with another team as soon as he becomes a Free Agent. Otherwise, everything looks just great!

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