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Black news from Pasadena - Sports - Sports Watching and WonderingLane Kiffin was fired from his job as the head football coach of the USC Trojans. Kiffin does not have the maturity, and leadership qualities that a head coach of a major university must have. At best, the relationship between him and USC was awkward. He was smart, and he was ambitious, but in my opinion, he never understood the responsibilities of that position.

Ed Orgeron, who was a USC Assistant Coach, has been selected as the Trojan interim coach. Again, in my opinion, he lacks the social skills necessary to be a representative of a major university. He is a football man, through and through he is a salt of the earth kind of a guy, who is a little rough around the edges. That being said, if he manages to win the remainder of the games, he will probably become the next USC permanent head coach.

UCLA's Brett Hundley is a quarterback whose time has come. If he continues on his present path, he should be a strong contender for the Heisman Trophy. The Bruins have not received much national recognition lately, but that is about to change. The Trojans used to own this town, but they have fallen on hard times.

Right now, we have both College and NFL football. In addition we have the Major Baseball League Playoffs on television. Also, the NBA has started their training season, and will soon be televising their games. It may not be possible to both hold a job and then be able to watch all of these televised sports. A Fan can only do so much.

Under the strong and steady hand of Doc Rivers, the Clippers should have a strong season, and they should go deep into the Playoffs. However, this team is ready to contend for championship, but not ready to win one. In order to win it all, they will have to get by the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, and the Houston Rockets. When this season is all said and done, the Miami Heat should be the last team standing.

Kobe Bryant is expected to start playing basketball for the Lakers, in the first part of the season. No one knows exactly when he will be able to return to the court, but everyone seems to be offering their opinion. It appears that Bryant may be concerned that the fans will forget him, so he is continually letting everyone know how hard he is working, and how optimistic he is about his future. This has to be a time of great uncertainty for him. While he is in a good financial position, he has an emotional obsession that requires that he play basketball and remain in the limelight. However, at some point he will have to learn, that the game can and will go on without him. He will learn as many other great athletes did, that Father Time will come when he chooses to do so.

Pat Haden appears to have been extremely reluctant to fire Lane Kiffin. That was somewhat surprising to me, since Hayden was a star football quarterback in high school, USC, and the Los Angeles Rams. He played for John McKay and John Robinson, among a few others. Given that background, he quickly should have been able to determine Kiffin's lack of suitability.

Perhaps Haden should have paid more attention to the team's lack of success. Kiffin's first game as head coach of the powerful Trojan team was at the University of Washington, which had been practically winless the prior season. It was also the first experience as head coach for former USC Assistant Steve Sarkissian. They had both been Assistant's to then head Coach Pete Carroll. In a shocking turn of events, the Huskies upset the Trojans. That was a forewarning of what was to come, although many of us did not recognize it at that time.

NBA Commissioner David Stern appeared to be disingenuous when he suggested that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson would make a great commissioner for the National Football League. If he was that impressed with the Mayor, it would've been more appropriate for him to suggest that he become the next Commissioner of the NBA, since that is where he played.

African-American athletes need to work with the NAACP, and various financial institutions to create African-American owners of professional sports franchises. If any other ethnic group supplied the star talent to any enterprise, they would quickly find ways to become owners. It means that they will have to find ways to pool their talents, and their financial resources, so that they become owners and not just temporary performers.

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